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    Lead Scoring in HubSpot – Everything That You Need to Know

    With the customer journey becoming more complex and non-linear than ever before, modern marketers can no longer depend on a ‘gut feeling’. They need true ‘indicators’ to know which prospects are likely to convert.

    That’s where HubSpot’s Lead Scoring comes into the picture.

    Lead Scoring in HubSpot can enable you to take your marketing efforts up a notch, or two!

    HubSpot is packed with Traditional Lead Scoring and machine learning capabilities with Predictive Lead Scoring. Even though the two lead scoring capabilities sound great, it can actually be tricky to choose which one to implement.

    In this podcast, our speakers share their take on the nine yards of HubSpot’s lead scoring capabilities so that you can identify qualified leads and strategize to convert them.


    What you’ll learn:

    • The 101 of HubSpot Lead Scoring
    • Manual and Predictive Lead Scoring – What’s the Difference?
    • Implementing Predictive and Traditional Lead Scoring for Better Conversions

    And more.

    Featured Speakers