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    Salesforce Communities Central Ep 4: Intuitive Community Onboarding With GuideIn

    Online communities have transformed the way brands engage with their customers. Now, with cutting-edge and advanced online communities, organizations can foster healthy two-way communication with their customers. They get the opportunity to understand their customers better and cement authentic relationships with them.

    Initial interactions play a vital role in reaping quality engagement. Therefore, community managers need to put their best foot forward to make their new community members feel welcomed.

    In this episode, our speakers will share their take on the importance of an innate onboarding experience.

    They will also share invaluable insights about a revolutionary tool-GuideIn that can level up the onboarding experience of your community members.


    Here’s What You’ll learn:

    • How the onboarding process plays a vital role in boosting the overall engagement of a community.
    • How GuideIn can enhance the onboarding experience of your new members.
    • The features and benefits of GuideIn tool.

    Featured Speakers

    Wish to make an exceptional first impression on your new community members? Tune in to learn how GuideIn empowers you to enhance your community onboarding process.