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    Salesforce Communities Central Ep1: Deciphering Present and Future of Salesforce Experience Cloud

    Salesforce has been the leading force in the community industry. The reason? The platform shaped the community landscape for the better by analyzing the requirements of businesses and meeting them efficiently.

    A community manager is always striving to enable their community members with the most effective and interactive community experiences. Since Salesforce is equipped with advanced features, it is popular amongst community managers. So, how exactly do you get started with Salesforce Experience Cloud? What features does Salesforce offer that ensure that your community building endeavor is a roaring success? Apart from current features, it is imperative that you understand the future scope for a rock-solid scalability strategy to run your community.

    In this episode of the Salesforce Communities Central Podcast series, our speakers will walk us through the basics of Salesforce-powered communities along with its integration and migration capabilities from their hands-on experience.


    Here’s what you’ll learn:

    • How do Salesforce-powered communities benefit community managers?
    • How does integration and migration in Salesforce work?
    • What are some common challenges Salesforce Experience Cloud users face?
    • What are some upcoming updates of Salesforce Experience Cloud?

    Featured Speakers

    Wish to stay ahead of what’s coming in communities? Tune in to learn all about the current and upcoming features of Salesforce Experience Cloud.