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    Salesforce Communities Central Ep2: Shaping the B2B Landscape by Leveraging Online Communities

    Communities are helping organizations flourish regardless of their size and type. Be it a small, or large scale company with B2B or B2C business model, communities always have something to offer.

    If you are a B2B company looking for ways to engage customers and transform your growth, a branded community can be your answer. It can improve customer retention, generate valuable insights, strengthen culture, boost loyalty and drive brand advocacy.

    In this episode, catch our speakers discussing a diverse range of subjects like leveraging existing communities for B2B organizations, and a lot more.

    They will also share their take on various advanced community-oriented utilities available to boost CX all while cutting costs significantly.


    Here’s What You’ll learn:

    • What are some basic differences between B2B and B2B business models?
    • How B2B is contributing to the growth of the customer business industry?
    • How B2B organizations can leverage communities to accelerate their business growth?
    • What are some B2B utilities available?
    • What is CloudCraze and how B2B companies can benefit from it?

    Featured Speakers

    Wish to know how you can leverage your existing community for your B2B organization? Tune in to learn how communities empower businesses to flourish by delighting customers with a superlative experience.