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    Salesforce Communities Central Ep3: Powering Communities with Exceptional Gamification

    You need to keep your members hooked to your community for its growth. However, traditional engagement tactics aren’t always effective at enabling this.

    What you need is the ability to understand what inspires community members to engage in your community. And, one way of doing that is by formulating out-of-the-box strategies. Introducing gamification in online communities instills healthy competition and boosts overall engagement.

    In this episode of the Salesforce Experience Cloud podcast series, our speakers will discuss the role of gamification in boosting engagement in online communities. Further, they will unfold the interesting feature of the revolutionary tool- ScoreNotch, aimed at enhancing gamification.


    Here’s What You’ll learn:

    • How Gamification can help boost engagement in online communities?
    • What exactly is ScoreNotch and its unique features?
    • How data migration takes place in ScoreNotch?
    • What kind of customizations does ScoreNotch offer?
    • What are some expected upcoming features of ScorNotch?

    Featured Speakers

    Wish to empower your community with dynamic gamification elements? Join our experts to know how ScoreNotch can benefit you!