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    Selecting the Right ABM Platform for B2B

    Did you know that over the last 2 years, account-based marketing has beaten revenue estimates 100% of the time?

    Account-based marketing is a focused and efficient approach to marketing that facilitates better, faster, and easier conversions for businesses.

    However, achieving the right results with ABM requires you to utilize the right platform to align with your unique needs and goals.

    Join Kritika and Falguni from Team Grazitti as they explore leading account-based marketing platforms and enable you to decide the best ABM platform for your business to drive growth.


    What You’ll Learn

    • Overview of Account-Based Marketing
    • Traditional Marketing vs Account-Based Marketing
    • Benefits of Account-Based Marketing
    • Factors to Consider When Selecting an ABM Platform
    • Leading ABM Platforms With Their Pros & Cons

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