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    The Impact of COVID-19 on the California Consumer Privacy Act

    The California Consumers Privacy Act’s enforcement is due in July. Many companies have been gearing up for this law which will give California residents more control over how their data is used by the companies. In a nutshell, the act empowers residents to seek information from companies regarding the selling or deleting of their personal data and can opt-out of it.

    But how does CCPA hold up in the current pandemic state?

    Currently, when a lot of businesses have been halted and put on the back-gear due to Covid-19, there have been petitions to delay the enforcement of CCPA. But the California governor made it clear that they have no intention to push CCPA’s enforcement forward. In fact, they stressed on the importance of CCPA in times like this.

    In this podcast, Grazitti’s Vijay Sharma and Yogesh Chauhan discuss the applicability of CCPA in the post-pandemic world and why it is absolutely important to comply with the law.


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    Key Highlights:

    • Importance of data-security during remote working
    • Repercussions of lax data security
    • CCPA’s importance in the real world situations that will arise after the pandemic
    • The power that CCPA gives to the residents of world’s fifth-largest economy–California