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    Alteryx Community Publishes Grazitti’s Connectors

    San Ramon, California, March 14, 2018 –  Grazitti Interactive®, an Alteryx Preferred Partner today announced the publishing of their Alteryx connectors on the Alteryx Community. With over 40+ connectors in the community’s Knowledge Base, the connectors range from Social Media Marketing channels, Databases, CRMs, Digital Marketing software, Online Advertising platforms, E-Commerce stores, and more.

    “We are delighted to have our connectors listed on a popular platform – the Alteryx Community, that will make the connectors easily accessible.” said Sandeep Saini, VP, Analytics, Grazitti Interactive.

    Grazitti’s connectors are capable of integrating with a wide range of platforms and have always been encouraged by Alteryx at the Inspire conferences. “Our out-of-the-box connectors are completely customizable and are built on a robust and secure infrastructure providing end-to-end data protection.” added Sandeep.

    Take a look at the connectors listed on the Alteryx Knowledge Base.

    About Grazitti Interactive®

    Since 2008, Grazitti Interactive has worked with Fortune 500 companies augmenting their marketing, sales, web development, and digital marketing efforts. Companies like Marketo, Egencia, Ping Identity and many more trust us with their data and marketing needs. With a large team of CRM experts, the company offers a range of tailored data solutions like data analysis, sales optimization, online community development, cloud integration and more.

    About Alteryx Connectors

    With the proliferation of platforms, there’s a need to access and view all metrics—from multiple platforms—at one place. To help businesses ingest more data and share deeper insights, Grazitti’s engineers have built a large number of Alteryx connectors which empower businesses to perform better analysis and allow them to expand their data reach with Alteryx.