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    Grazitti Announces ‘Explorer’ Sponsorship for Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2020

    Sunnyvale, CA, February 06, 2020 – Grazitti Interactive®, a global digital services provider and innovation leader, is thrilled to announce its participation at Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2020 as an ‘Explorer’ sponsor.

    Grazitti’s team of digital strategists and Salesforce experts will be at the International Convention Centre (ICC), Sydney on March 4th, 2020.

    This event presents a grand opportunity for Trailblazers to assemble from across the globe and interact with Salesforce experts. The event is a perfect blend of innovation, networking, sharing of business-centric ideas, and fun.

    Alok Ramsisaria, the CEO of Grazitti Interactive said “We feel honored to associate ourselves with another exciting edition of Salesforce World Tour. This is a unique opportunity for Trailblazers to propel their learning curve and business owners to give an innovative angle to their business. Get hands-on experience of our pioneering products and discover how they can be a game-changer for your business.”

    “To be more precise, our focal point of the exhibit will be SearchUnify, Sinergify, and Email to Case Advance, keeping the broad spectrum of dynamic business mindset in mind” he added.

    SearchUnify, Grazitti’s flagship product, is a unified cognitive search platform that revolutionizes information discovery, fuels an insight engine, and makes for a robust platform for AI-based apps like customer-facing and agent-assisting chatbots. Its AI powers relevant and personalized search results for customer support and self-service.

    Sinergify—a Salesforce-Jira Connector—allows bidirectional syncing of data between your Salesforce Instance and Jira and cultivates cross-functional collaboration. It integrates all standard and custom Salesforce objects with all Jira products like Core, Ops, Software, and Service Desk.

    Email to Case Advance is an upgraded version of conventional ‘Email-to-Case’ functionality. It fast tracks the support operations and makes it easier to handle customer cases. Also, it reduces case resolution time and thwarts sales reps from falling prey to ‘click fatigue’.

    To testify the credibility of our innovations, we will be showcasing customer success stories as well. We will also have Khoros-Salesforce Connectors, ZakCalendar, and Ideas Pro on display.

    About Grazitti Interactive®

    Grazitti Interactive® is a digital innovation leader, powering businesses of all sizes with extensive experience in enriching customer interactions, designing engaged communities, enabling digital marketing and driving data-driven decision support. Grazitti offers custom services and solutions for marketing automation, online community development, Salesforce customization, analytics, web design, and development. We are proud to have served digital innovation needs of over 500 global customers including many Fortune 500 across Technology, Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare, Travel, and more.