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    Grazitti Announces Silver Sponsorship for TSW San Diego 2019

    San Ramon, CA, April 22, 2019 – Grazitti Interactive will participate in the TSW Expo 2019 from May 6 through May 8 as a Silver Sponsor. A team of Grazitti’s strategy and technology experts will represent the company at booth 23 in the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego.

    Technology & Services World (TSW) is a biannual event organized by the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA). The event is a platform for bringing together representatives from tech companies seeking new ways to capitalize on institutional knowledge. In the 23rd TSW Conference, the theme of the event would be how to bring sales, service, and product teams together towards the same goal—improving growth and profitability.

    “We’re all agog, and I’m sure business executives would be equally thrilled when they find out what we have to offer to digitally transform their business and ultimately, their revenue,” said Alok Ramsisaria, the CEO of Grazitti Interactive. “We aim at enabling organizations to build sound support systems that delight customers at every touchpoint with relevant and personalized responses”

    “Of particular interest to the professionals attending the TSW 2019 in San Diego will be SearchUnify, Sinergify, and Email to Case Advance for Salesforce,” he added.

    SearchUnify is an AI-driven search engine for businesses seeking to improve search on their self-service portals. SearchUnify is capable of crawling all your knowledge sources (online and offline) and delivering relevant results quickly.

    Sinergify—a Salesforce and Jira connector—enables seamless integration of all Salesforce objects (standard and custom) and Jira products (Core, Software, Ops, Service Desk), leading to improved inter-functional collaboration and enhanced end-user experience.

    Email to Case Advance is a next-gen solution and an enhanced version of Salesforce’s ‘Email-to-Case’ functionality. Apart from just converting emails from customers into the cases, there are a number of features that the product offers to improve case resolution rate and save support reps from falling prey to ‘Click fatigue’.

    Other than these, we also would be showcasing a whole range of services and products including
    Lithium-Salesforce Case Connector, Salesforce Knowledge- Lithium Connector, ZakCalendar Scheduler, and Ideas Pro.

    You can meet the Grazitti team at booth 23 where they will respond to your questions on leveraging technology to optimize support operations.

    About Grazitti Interactive®

    Since 2008, Grazitti Interactive has worked with 1000+ customers including Fortune 500 companies, augmenting their marketing, sales, web development, and digital marketing efforts. Companies like Marketo, Rubrik, HP and many more trust us with their data and marketing needs. With a large team of experts, the company offers a range of tailored solutions like data analysis, sales optimization, online community development, cloud integration, etc.

    About TSW San Diego 2019

    TSW is an international conference scheduled on May 6-8, 2019 in San Diego. It’s a great place for tech and service executives around the globe for networking and interacting face-to-face with technology peers and associates. The event is a great opportunity to learn from industry experts with over 100+ breakout sessions on a wide variety of subjects—customer success, education services, sales expansion, field services, managed services, professional services, service revenue generation, support services, social/technology, analytics, and future support service leaders.