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    Grazitti Announces Sponsorship for Martech Conference 2018

    San Ramon, California, March 23, 2018 – Grazitti Interactive® has announced a sponsorship for the Martech Conference 2018. Scheduled to be held in San Jose, California on April 23-25, this event brings you powerful, energetic, and excellent speakers with their extraordinary experience in the industry. It’s an event where you will find CTOs, CMOs, Marketing VPs and people involved in marketing and technology.

    The three-day event will focus on the integration of Marketing, Technology and IT. It will bring together dozens of the country’s top marketers who will be sharing their views on current trends, best practices, case studies, and more.

    Sharing his views on the sponsorship, Alok Ramsisaria, CEO of Grazitti Interactive said “Being a leading digital transformation services provider, we are looking forward to our presence at the industry event. It is a platform where we learn from marketing leaders as well as showcase our marketing & technology expertise”.

    About Grazitti
    Grazitti Interactive is a digital innovation leader with extensive experience in developing solutions that enable customer success, drive operational efficiency and unlock insights from data. Our experts are enabling companies of all sizes including Fortune 500, to implement, customize, configure, optimize, integrate and manage solutions like CRM, Marketing Automation, Online Communities, and Analytics.

    About Martech Conference
    Martech Conference 2018 is a tech conference for marketers and marketing conference for technologists. Management, as a discipline, is an integral and essential part of the program. MarTech® is the only conference that delivers a vendor-agnostic, graduate-level marketing, technology and management perspective designed to help you succeed in this software-powered marketing world.