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    Grazitti Announces the Launch of Zendesk-Salesforce Connector – For Easy Data Migration From Zendesk to Salesforce

    Mountain View, CA | July 1, 2022 – Grazitti Interactive, a global digital services provider takes immense pride in introducing yet another product, Zendesk-Salesforce Connector – a Salesforce-native, Lightning-ready solution for hassle-free data migration from Zendesk to Salesforce.

    As per Salesforce, in its 2022 fiscal year, they achieved $26.49 billion in revenue, which is a record high. This is a testament to the fact that Salesforce will continue to go in a full-throttle mode of growth. Salesforce’s Lightning Experience (LEX) has proved to be a reliable platform for streamlining processes, improving employee productivity, reducing the manual ETL process, and more. And, it is important that you make the best of this Herculean platform and not spend weeks or months on tedious tasks, such as transferring the data from Zendesk to Salesforce.

    Expressing his delight at the newly launched product, Alok Ramsisaria, CEO, Grazitti Interactive, said, “We realize how important it is to maintain data security. Our Zendesk and Salesforce Connector ensure that the data security is maintained during all the data migration stages without any third party’s involvement.”

    About Zendesk-Salesforce Connector

    Zendesk-Salesforce Connector helps with smooth data migration from Zendesk to Salesforce via unidirectional connectivity for a secure transition of data.

    The Zendesk-Salesforce connector helps resolve this issue of data migration. Besides, the connector also enables users to sync Zendesk tickets, articles, organizations, and users by providing flexibility to choose what is required.

    With Grazitti’s Zendesk and Salesforce connector, users can transfer data on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis as per their business requirements.

    Use Cases of Zendesk-Salesforce Connector

    The connector enables users to:

    • Map Zendesk Organization fields to Salesforce Account fields
    • Sync Zendesk Organizations to Salesforce Account
    • Map Zendesk Customer fields of end-users to Salesforce Contact fields
    • Sync Zendesk Customers of end-users to Salesforce Contact
    • Map Zendesk Ticket fields to Salesforce Case fields
    • Sync Zendesk Tickets to Salesforce Case

    About Grazitti Interactive

    A digital innovation leader, Grazitti provides customized solutions for Salesforce customization, online community development, marketing automation, analytics, and web design & development. Grazitti is proud to be serving the digital innovation needs of over 1000 global customers, including many Fortune 500 companies, across technology, banking & financial services, healthcare, travel, and more.