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    Grazitti Announces the Release of Analytics Outlook, 2023

    Mountain View, CA | November 23, 2022 – Grazitti Interactive, global digital services provider and innovation leader, recently announced the release of their Analytics Outlook, 2023. The report contains the latest industry developments, as well as analytics predictions for 2023 and beyond.

    Sapna Gupta, Senior Analytics Manager, Grazitti Interactive, says, “Analytics is now critical to driving business strategy and decision-making. To stay on top of the curve, you need to know the latest developments and trends in analytics. With the Analytics Outlook, 2023, we bring to you the latest research, as well as analytics predictions for the future.”

    Download the Analytics Outlook, 2023, here.

    About Grazitti Interactive

    A global innovation leader, Grazitti designs, deploys, and delivers digital engines that power business growth. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in India, Grazitti has extensive experience enriching customer interactions, designing engaging communities, enabling digital marketing, and powering data-driven decision support. With regard to analytics, Grazitti enables businesses of all sizes to grow with ETL, data warehousing, data visualization, and a range of Alteryx connectors.