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    Grazitti Interactive Announces its Debut Edition of Salesforce Predictions 2022

    Mountain View, CA | January 20, 2022 – Grazitti Interactive, a global digital services provider, is thrilled to announce that they have compiled a repertoire of 9 chapters that decodes what’s next in the Salesforce arena – Salesforce Predictions for 2022 and Beyond.

    Atul Sharma, Director of Salesforce Practice, Grazitti Interactive, said, “Salesforce has always been a step ahead when it comes to expanding its innovations, partnerships, and strategic acquisitions. That’s how it has always managed to outclass its competitors. It is key to keep up with what Salesforce has in store so that you can realign business priorities and investments to adapt and thrive. And that’s why we have crafted these 9 chapters to highlight the top Salesforce predictions for 2022 and how you can keep up with Salesforce’s ever-evolving ecosystem.”

    Each chapter deciphers what transformation Salesforce would bring, its latest innovations, ongoing and upcoming trends, and how to swiftly navigate through the Salesforce landscape.

    The repertoire can be found here!

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