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    Grazitti Interactive Announces the Launch of Advance Mini Cart Pro

    Mountain View, CA | October 19, 2022 – Grazitti Interactive, a global digital services provider, is thrilled to announce the release of its new Magento-based product, Advance Mini Cart Pro.

    Advance Mini Cart Pro is a mini cart extension that upgrades the customer checkout experience while providing businesses with interesting upsell opportunities.

    It displays a summary of items in the mini cart while customers are still shopping, helping them make informed purchasing decisions. Additionally, Advance Mini Cart Pro displays shipping charges, the total cost of an order, and a “similar products” section, along with a button to redirect customers to the checkout page.

    Expressing his delight at the launch, Alok Ramsisaria, CEO, Grazitti Interactive, said, “We realize that customer experience is at the core of every eCommerce interaction. Our latest product, Advance Mini Cart Pro ensures that businesses deliver an optimal buying experience to their customers and drive maximum conversions and ROI with relevant upsells.”

    Highlights of Advance Mini Cart Pro:

    • An option to add upsell products automatically or manually
    • Enable customer promotional messaging
    • Customize the mini cart UI with color picker functionality
    • Open mini cart automatically upon adding products
    • Display order summary and allow users to edit cart items
    • Customer upsell titles from the backend
    • Carousel display for upselling products
    • Compatible with the latest Magento version 2.4.5
    • Open source and enterprise edition

    About Advance Mini Cart Pro

    Advance Mini Cart Pro by Grazitti Interactive is a Magento-based mini cart extension that lets your customers easily access their shopping carts without visiting the default checkout page. The aim is to enable a smooth customer journey with a quick and convenient checkout along with targeted upsells to boost sales and profits.

    About Grazitti Interactive®

    Backed by 14+ years of experience in delivering customer and employee-centric digital experiences, Grazitti Interactive is a global digital services provider leveraging cloud, mobile, and social media technologies. We’ve served the digital innovation needs of 1000+ global customers, including Fortune 500 companies. Grazitti offers a range of tailored solutions like Salesforce implementation & consulting, marketing automation, data analysis, web development, digital marketing, and many more.