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    Grazitti Interactive Announces the Launch of OneMark – A Pre-fill Solution for Marketo Forms

    Sunnyvale, CA | August 12, 2020 – Grazitti Interactive®, one of the leading digital solutions and services provider, today announced the official launch of OneMark – a smart SaaS-based web application, that aims to amplify user experience with a pre-fill functionality for Marketo forms on Marketo landing pages and websites.

    The CEO of Grazitti Interactive, Alok Ramsisaria stated, “We are delighted to launch – OneMark. Our solution is robust, unique, and flexible. We are thrilled to share it with our customers.”

    OneMark is a one-of-a-kind solution that allows you to pre-fill your Marketo forms easily overcoming Marketo’s limitation of pre-populating forms with information. Here a few key features:

    • All-in-One Solution
      OneMark works independently of the technology your website is built on which makes it compatible with any website or format.
    • Easy Set-up
      To get started, register, fill in your Marketo configuration details, and we’ll provide you with an embed code.
    • Easy to Configure
      All you need to do is place our embed code into your Marketo landing page or website page and you’re good to go.
    • Secure
      OneMark is based on Marketo munchkin cookie and is GDPR and CCPA compliant as it doesn’t store any information in cookie form.
    • Additional Features
      Along with the pre-fill functionality, it supports progressive profiling and visibility rules of Marketo.

    This is a subscription-based product and, currently, with our free trial, you can get a 1000 hits per day for one month.

    About Grazitti Interactive®

    Grazitti Interactive is a digital innovation leader having extensive experience in developing solutions that unlock data insights, increase operational efficiency, and drive customer success. For over a decade, it’s been enabling companies of all sizes—including Fortune 500 enterprises—to implement, customize, configure, optimize, integrate, and manage solutions such as CRM, marketing automation, eCommerce, online communities, and analytics. Grazitti has recently been named as a Clutch Global Leader 2019 in the CRM Consultants Category.