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    Grazitti Interactive Introduces the New Version Release of Sinergify

    Sunnyvale, CA | April 30, 2020 – Sinergify, a connector for Salesforce and Jira integration and one of Grazitti’s premium products, announces the general availability of its latest version release from May 1, 2020.

    The upgraded Sinergify is a well-enhanced product version. Apart from the general improvements, many new features and use cases have been introduced in the product. The new product version release is aimed at introducing automation into its workflows and making it ready for companies in every region of the globe.

    Expressing his views on the development, Alok Ramsisaria—the CEO of Grazitti Interactive—said, “Sinergify is a product that is getting a lot of attention from every part of the world. So, I am excited to present the new version of Sinergify. This version release brings automation of tasks to Sinergify and is an attempt to make the product more accessible to companies around the globe. More updates to follow in the next month so, stay tuned with us.”

    Note: The upgraded version has also been updated on Salesforce AppExchange.

    Some key highlights of the new version release are as follows:

    • Auto Creation of Jira

    Use our inbuilt methods in your Process Builders, Triggers, Apex to create a Jira issue automatically

    • Improved Advanced Search

    The advanced search functionality in the connector has been enhanced for improved search including search based on Jira components, filters, etc.

    • Multilingual Support

    Salesforce supports around 18 different languages. Sinergify now also supports all those languages including Spanish, French, German, Chinese, etc.

    • Enhanced Range of Rulesets

    Ruleset lets users define the criteria to sync Jira issues under the right project. This functionality was earlier limited to just cases. It has now been extended to support all standard and custom Salesforce objects.

    About Sinergify

    Sinergify—powered by Grazitti Interactive—is a Salesforce and Jira connector that allows tight integration of both instances. Irrespective of what Salesforce product you use–Sales, Service, Community Cloud (both custom and standard objects), it can be integrated with all the Jira products (Core, Software, Ops, Service Desk) hosted on both on-premises and cloud versions.

    About Grazitti Interactive®

    Since 2008, Grazitti Interactive has worked with 1000+ customers including Fortune 500 companies, augmenting their marketing, sales, and digital marketing efforts. Companies like Marketo, Rubrik, HP, and many more trust us with their data and marketing needs. With a large team of experts, the company offers a range of tailored solutions like data analysis, sales optimization, web development, marketing automation, online community optimization, cloud integration, etc.