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    Grazitti Interactive Launches More Agile Version 3 of the Selenium 2 Automation Framework

    Chandigarh – 20th December 2012 – Grazitti Interactive, a full service digital marketing company, today announced the release of version 3 of its Selenium 2 Automation Framework. This new, more agile version of the framework will help you do more in-depth QA by extending the functionality of scope of Automation Testing. The company had launched version 1 of the framework in the first week of Oct 2012 and version 2 in the last week of Oct 2012. Both have received overwhelming response by the Selenium users across the globe.

    Version 3 of the Selenium 2 (Webdriver) Framework will help you manage your software deliveries on time, at premium quality. From removing the complexity from Selenium setup to driving productivity, facilitating code reuse, and extending the depth of QA. These features promise to make your QA process more in depth, easier, and faster. All you need to do is download the zip, install the framework, and get going with your testing.

    Key new features of the framework include:

    • Well defined architectural design
    • Script execution in multiple environments
    • Parameterization of different input types
    • Auto-suggest search dropdown
    • Image comparison
    • Auto-focusing on new tab
    • Check and delete cookies
    • Easier, faster and efficient analysis of result logs
    • Easy debugging and script maintenance
    • 100% reliability of utility scripts, online execution, report packs

    For more information or to download Selenium 2 Automation Framework version 3.0 please visit:
    About Grazitti Interactive
    Grazitti Interactive offers a unique combination of skills, experience, and latest technology to drive innovative, quality-centric, and affordable solutions in domains of Marketo,, web development, software testing, and digital marketing. For its Quality Assurance service, Grazitti Interactive follows international test parameters to provide end- to – end quality assurance testing and ensure smooth end user experience. Starting with creating an exhaustive list of test cases, we do various types of testing including smoke testing, functional testing, and regression testing; and provide automated testing expertise.