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    Grazitti Interactive to Host a Live Panel Discussion on ‘Unlocking True Community Potential With a Two-Way Knowledge Exchange’

    Mountain View, CA | June 01, 2021 – Grazitti Interactive is all set to host its upcoming panel discussion – Unlocking True Community Potential With a Two-Way Knowledge Exchange, on Thursday, June 17, 2021. The panel discussion is intended to foster insightful conversations about harnessing the true power of online communities across different industries and establishing a stellar brand presence.

    Grazitti’s CEO, Alok Ramsisaria, while announcing the panel discussion, said, “I believe the core driving force for a community depends on a brand’s ability to educate, inform, and delight its users. And to do that, brands need to humanize conversations because when you engage in a two-way conversation, it shows that you listen, understand, and care about their concerns. Through this panel discussion, we look forward to exploring what insights community experts from different industries have in store for us to take user experience to the next level.”

    This panel discussion will be the perfect opportunity to interact and get inspired by community experts while setting the pace for our upcoming virtual conference – Community (re)Focus, 2021.

    Click here to register for our panel discussion.

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