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    Grazitti Interactive Unveils Global Salesforce Predictions 2023

    Mountain View, CA | December 19, 2022 – Grazitti Interactive, a global digital services provider and innovation leader is thrilled to unveil the next version of Salesforce Predictions after a successful compilation of a 9-part repertoire from its debut release of Salesforce Predictions last year.

    This year’s repertoire includes 6 chapters that unravel the exemplary innovations in the Salesforce ecosystem and how it is likely to reshape businesses in the upcoming year and beyond.

    “Salesforce has been proving its prowess for many years and we are delighted to bring the new Salesforce Predictions for 2023 to help businesses gain deep insights to scale up their processes and solidify their digital transformation strategy” said Atul Sharma, Director, Salesforce Practices, Grazitti Interactive.

    About Global Salesforce Predictions 2023

    Grazitti Interactive’s Salesforce Predictions for 2023 decode the upcoming trends and latest innovations in the Salesforce ecosystem. The objective behind coming out with these predictions is to help businesses gain deep insights into the transformation that Salesforce is likely to bring to the global business landscape in 2023. Each chapter from its 6-part repertoire elucidates a different topic and shares insight on how businesses can prepare for the future in that area.

    The repertoire can be found here.

    About Grazitti Interactive®

    Grazitti Interactive is a global innovation leader that designs, deploys, and delivers innovative digital solutions. Our team has extensive experience in enriching customer interactions, designing dynamic communities, enabling data-driven decision support, and more. Our 1000+ global customers come in all sizes, from growing businesses to Fortune 500 companies across technology, banking and financial Services, healthcare, travel, and more.