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    Grazitti’s Magento Marketo Integration Connector is now officially Maginate

    Sunnyvale, CA, January 29, 2020 – Grazitti Interactive®, one of the leading digital solutions and services provider, today announced rebranding its Magento Marketo Integration Connector to ‘Maginate’. Right after the launch of Grazitti’s Magento Marketo Integration Connector in October 2017, the product became an instant hit and has garnered a good reputation in the market.

    With Maginate, you can leverage Marketo capabilities in your Magento store. Maginate lets you bring important information into/from Marketo for better personalization, share lead data across Magento and Marketo, and get a better ROI from marketing campaigns.

    Features like Customer Data Sync, Unknown Lead Mapping, Known Lead Merging, and Cart Abandonment, make Maginate one of a kind as Magento and Marketo do not support a native integration between the two platforms currently and Maginate does just that.

    “We are incredibly excited for Maginate, the updated version of Magento Marketo integration connector. Our connector is a flexible, powerful, and an affordable solution for all your integration needs between the two platforms.”, said Alok Ramsisaria, CEO, Grazitti Interactive.

    Users can learn more about Maginate here.

    About Grazitti Interactive

    Grazitti Interactive is a digital innovation leader having extensive experience in developing solutions that unlock data insights, increase operational efficiency, and drive customer success. For over a decade, it’s been enabling companies of all sizes—including Fortune 500 enterprises—to implement, customize, configure, optimize, integrate, and manage solutions such as CRM, marketing automation, eCommerce, online communities, and analytics. Grazitti has recently been named as a Clutch Global Leader 2019 in the CRM Consultants Category.