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    Grazitti’s Salesforce-Jira Connector is now Officially Sinergify

    San Ramon, California, June 05, 2019 – Grazitti Interactive®, one of the leading digital solutions and services provider, today announces rebranding its Salesforce-Jira Connector to ‘Sinergify’. Right after the launch of Grazitti’s Salesforce-Jira connector in October 2017, the product became an instant hit and has garnered a good reputation in the market. Sinergify—the new enhanced version—has undergone tectonic changes and is enriched with new features and packed with a wide range of integrations.

    Grazitti’s Salesforce-Jira Connector (earlier name) was more Service Cloud and Jira centric integration. Sinergify, on the other hand, offers integration of all Salesforce modules (all custom and standard objects) with all Jira products (Ops/Core/Software/Service Desk).

    The product is an asset for organizations looking to improve cross-functional collaboration. Companies, which are largely invested in the Salesforce and Jira ecosystem, can leverage the product to enable free, bidirectional flow of information, allowing silo-free interactions between various customer-facing and back-end teams.

    “I am so excited for Sinergify, the updated version of our Salesforce-Jira Connector. We were overwhelmed by the kind of response we received for the product back when it was launched in 2017. In a competitive market of custom Salesforce solutions, our connector stood out. And that motivated us to keep working on it.” said Alok Ramsisaria, the CEO of Grazitti Interactive.

    He added “I hope Sinergify will get the same kind of traction and acceptance in the market. And we will keep making the product better with new features.”

    User can learn more about Sinergify here.

    About Sinergify

    Sinergify—powered by Grazitti Interactive—is a Salesforce and Jira connector that allows a bidirectional integration of both instances. Irrespective of what Salesforce module you use–Sales, Service, Marketing, Community Cloud (both custom and standard objects), it can be integrated with all the Jira products (Core, Software, Ops, Service Desk) hosted on both on-premises and cloud versions.

    About Grazitti Interactive®

    Since 2008, Grazitti Interactive has worked with 1000+ customers including Fortune 500 companies, augmenting their marketing, sales, web development, and digital marketing efforts. Companies like Marketo, Rubrik, HP and many more trust us with their data and marketing needs. With a large team of experts, the company offers a range of tailored solutions like data analysis, sales optimization, online community development, cloud integration, etc.