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    Independent Research Firm Includes Grazitti Interactive’s SearchUnify in Its Q2 2019 Report

    San Ramon, CA, May 29, 2019 – Grazitti Interactive is pleased to learn that it’s a part of a few select companies that were invited by Forrester to participate in its evaluation, ‘The Forrester Wave™: Cognitive Search Q2 2019’. The report featured Grazitti Interactive’s enterprise search product SearchUnify as a contender in the Cognitive Search Category. SearchUnify is the youngest of all the 12 vendors included in the report.

    The Forrester Wave™ Report states:

    “AI And Architecture Are Key Differentiators.”

    “As legacy enterprise search technology becomes outdated and less effective, use of AI technologies such as natural language understanding will dictate which providers will lead the pack. Vendors that can provide ingestion intelligence and intent intelligence position themselves to deliver the most relevant search results to their customers.”

    Forester’s report evaluates the vendors on 24 different criteria. It takes a number of factors into account to assess each one’s market presence, strategy, and current offering in regards to their cognitive search platforms. For vendors to qualify for inclusion in this report it is essential for their search solutions to be comprehensive, distinguishable and, to have referenceable, enterprise customers.

    Grazitti Interactive’s CEO, Alok Ramsisaria, said, “We are thrilled to be named in the new Forrester Wave evaluation of cognitive search providers. Our cognitive search product—SearchUnify—is the youngest of the 12 evaluated, and this is a huge boost to our confidence as we continue to grow our platform and add customers. We believe this is not just a recognition of the robustness of our product and our roadmap for the future, but also of the trust that our customers place in us.”

    As per The Forrester Wave™ report:

    “SearchUnify has a well-thought-out technical architecture that should enable the company to fill gaps in data ingestion, tuning, and tools to build custom applications. Customers will find SearchUnify simple and easy to implement if they require unified search across SaaS applications for which it has data connectors.”

    To learn more about cognitive search and where it’s headed, download a full copy of the Forrester Wave.

    About SearchUnify

    SearchUnify, powered by Grazitti Interactive, is a cognitive search platform for enterprises that revolutionizes discovery of relevant information with insights, connectivity and AI-based apps. It has the ability to index disparate content repositories and provide advanced insights into user search behavior, content usability and content gaps – all while self-learning to personalize and keep responses within context. To see it live in action, request a free demo.

    About Grazitti

    Since Grazitti’s inception in 2008, we have served the needs of global enterprises in marketing, sales, and support. Our products and services have helped over 1000 customers—including several Fortune 500 companies—build their web presence, automate marketing and sales, and streamline support.

    Over 350+ experts at Grazitti—including many MVPs and trained professionals—help our customers drive demand, improve customer experience and engagement, increase CSAT, and reduce support costs.

    We are partners with renowned technology pioneers like Salesforce®, Lithium, Microsoft, Google, Optimizely, Marketo, Acquia, Shopify, Adobe, and Alteryx amongst many others.