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    Contact Washing Machine – A Data Cleansing App

    Clean and enriched data drives opportunities for your sales reps and better campaign or alive for the marketing folks. Today, marketers gather lead data from various sources like web forms, events, trade shows, referrals, 3rd party lists and many more. With so many data flowing in your marketing system, it is critical that you clean your data and sustain it. As per, it costs $1 to verify every record and this cost increases as your data gets old. Recognizing this, data scientists at Grazitti Interactive developed the Contact Washing Machine that turns your low-quality data into sales ready leads. The Contact Washing Machine is built on the Alteryx platform. It cleans your dirty data, normalizes data format and enriches lead details from sources like ZoomInfo , DNBi. With the Contact Washing Machine, you get more than 200k clean records processed per minute, over 40% improvement in the quality of the leads, up to 37% increase in the sales productivity, 25% improvement in accuracy for sales qualification and prioritization. The Contact Washing Machine comes as a pluggable app. They can be integrated into any marketing and CRM systems like Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and more. The app ensures that your data is consistent, complete and correct for better segmentation and targeting. Alteryx itself uses Contact Washing Machine for their Marketo instance and their sales team is happy with the high quality, sales-ready data. Dean Stocker, the CEO of Alteryx says “Contact Washing Machine for SFDC contacts built by no other than a great partner – Grazitti”. So, if you are planning to build a robust lead database, get in touch with one of our data specialists at [email protected] and read more about us at