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    Decoding the Salesforce Spring ‘22 Release

    To get a competitive edge in a world where customers are in the driver’s seat, brands need to transform their business processes with speed and flexibility.

    And no one does it better than Salesforce. Since its inception, Salesforce has been a step ahead of its competitors.

    How? Their customer-centric vision and consistency towards strengthening their product portfolio with innovations and groundbreaking technologies.

    Their new innovations are unveiled with seasonal software releases – Summer, Spring, and Winter. And each release is power-packed with new features, product updates, and more.

    In this podcast, our experts, Deepak Vishwakarma and Divya Bhatt, will touch base on the Salesforce Spring ‘22 Release that went live in February 2022. They’ll also share the top features that enable users to extract more value from the Salesforce platform.


    Here’s What You’ll learn:

    • All About Spring 2022: Features and Advancements
    • Combating Security Threats With Multi-Factor Authentication
    • How URL Query String Parameter Login Impacts All Users
    • Understanding the Flow Builder Functionality
    • The 101 of Revenue Intelligence Enhancements
    • Evolution of the Einstein Conversation Insights

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