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    Why Should You ‘Turn on the Lightning Experience’?

    When it comes to streamlining business operations, Salesforce has been the most trusted and reliable CRM platform. Its appealing Classic interface has stood the test of time.

    However, businesses nowadays are running with 10X speed and that calls for seamless experiences. That’s why Salesforce launched – Salesforce Lightning Experience (LEX). With this advanced UI version, businesses can take things up a notch.

    While Salesforce Classic is still in the game, LEX is here to stay and is the future. It offers businesses a great way to increase productivity and generate higher ROI. And that’s the reason why more than half of the businesses are switching to the Lightning Experience.

    With its new features, enhanced dashboards, detailed insights, and an intelligent home page, LEX is sure to make a difference!

    Find out more as our experts, Deepak Vishwakarma and Divya Bhatt, discuss all about it in this episode. Furthermore, they’ll share steps to make your move to Salesforce Lightning Experience absolutely hassle-free.


    Here’s What You’ll learn:

    • Understanding the Lightning Advantage
    • Top Features of LEX
    • Steps to Keep in Mind Before Making the Switch to Lightning

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