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    Talking Heads : The Making of Selenium Framework

    What is the idea behind creating this framework? We have been using selenium extensively and are a really great fan of it with our framework, the biggest roadblock that of setting up a selenium framework gets out of the way. Now testers can proceed to their testing directly. What are its main features? We have provided a manual with our framework listing all of its features. Some of its main features are the use of a page object model, which results in less maintenance and high core reusability. Its data-driven capability reduces the execution time of your test scripts. A much-formatted way of using commonly used functions is provided in this framework. Support for multiple platforms and multiple browsers is there and a better way of logging and reporting data scripts is provided. You can get details from the manual provided with the framework. What are its main features? We expect that using our framework will shorten your test cycles by 40%, reduce re-work by 60%, and reduce all expenses on QA. All of these help in increasing product quality and customer satisfaction. So are there any limitations in this framework? Well, limitations, as we are using a data-driven framework approach which has some of its own limitations like a number of data files are required for each test case and yes, you do need some expertise in scripting languages. Tell us something about version 2 of the framework? Yes, we have launched 2nd version of our framework and keeping an organization’s QA requirements in our mind. So, you will see features like generating logs with HTML view and reading and comparing a pdf content, downloading and uploading functionalities, support for 2007- 2010 format files, taking screenshots of whole web pages. Any message for the viewers? I invite everyone to download and use our selenium framework and would love to hear back from you. You can also login to our website and know more about our agile QA services. Thank you