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Marketing Automation: Your Favorite Platform Can Do a Lot More Than You Think

Date: May 02, 2019

Marketing automation tools help you build and execute campaigns that influence your customers, effectively and efficiently, at each stage of the marketing funnel. So, you [...]

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How to Leverage Project Management to Improve the Bottom-Line of Your Organization

Date: Apr 23, 2019

The IT industry has gone through some major paradigm shifts in the last decade. Globalization-at-scale has pushed the capacities of data management. Because of this surgi [...]

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[Infographic] 10 Steps to Create a Winning Website Redesign Strategy

Date: Apr 16, 2019

“Your website talks to way more people than your average salesperson does every day.” – Peter Caputa According to Webalive, a visitor takes only 50 milliseconds [...]

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[Infographic] Is Your HubSpot Instance Wholesome?

Date: Apr 01, 2019

According to DemandGen Report, 80% of marketing automation users saw an increase in the number of leads, and 77% had an increase in conversions. This is an enormous perce [...]

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Ace Your Marketing with the HubSpot Marketing Automation Platform

Date: Mar 26, 2019

HubSpot’s marketing automation platform is one of the most preferred platforms. It enables businesses to automate their marketing and scale their growth. By deliveri [...]

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How to Implement Google Analytics User-ID Feature in Google Tag Manager Easily

Date: Mar 22, 2019

When dealing with Google Analytics (GA), the number of users is not an accurate representation of the actual number of visitors on your website. Why? Because whene [...]

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How Can CSS Flex and Grid Be Used Together For Better Results?

Date: Mar 20, 2019

While CSS float properties did serve their purpose in what seems like the Precambrian era of web designing, they do not hold a candle to either CSS Grid or Flexbox. Devel [...]

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How to Get your WordPress Website’s Content Personalized?

Date: Mar 08, 2019

Content personalization is a digital marketing strategy that has helped various websites increase their conversions. Businesses today are striving to provide premium UX t [...]

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Market Research & Consulting: The Quintessential Success Formula for the Technology Sector

Date: Feb 18, 2019

Market research has been considered an underwhelming activity often ignored by business enterprises. It is perceived as a cost incurring service with limited growth benef [...]

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Automate your work by integrating Email Parser and Marketo

Date: Feb 11, 2019

What are the odds of you reading an email from top to bottom? Quite low, we’re sure! Our eyes quickly pick catchy phrases in the email such as “Pay your credit card b [...]

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