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GDPR: Why Should U.S. businesses care about EU GDPR

May 23, 2018 20 min

Watch this succinct webinar as our sales and marketing aficionados share their insight on why U.S. companies should care about EU GDPR. Hear our experts discuss the repercussions of non-compliance and what you can do to curb them.

GDPR: The Elephant in the Room

April 3, 2018 45 min

Watch this vitally important yet crisp and concise webinar as our experts guide you through the steps to achieve GDPR Compliance. Our marketing consultants prepare you for May 25th, 2018 – the day the biggest change in Data Protection will come into being. From a directive to a regulation, hear us address the elephant in the room!

Building A Digitally Enabled Marketing & Sales Organization

October 24, 2017 60 min

Watch this on-demand webinar ‘Building A Digitally Enabled Marketing & Sales Organization’ where Gil Canare will share the SiriusDecisions Digital Transformation Framework and discuss how you can apply it within your organization.

Scale Customer Engagement with Marketo Nurtures

October 10, 2017 30 min

Watch this on-demand webinar ‘Scale Customer Engagement with Marketo Nurtures’ to learn the essentials of building highly effective Nurture Programs. The illustrations will help you understand how you can implement an effective engagement strategy for long term success.

Driving Community Success with User Experience

February 9, 2017 60 min

Watch the webinar video to learn how the Google Advertiser Community enhanced user engagement for millions of its users in multiple languages. In the webinar, Yuri from Google and Varun from Grazitti, shared how they focused on the user experience for building a scalable community.

Custom Salesforce® Community in 40 Days

December 15, 2014 60 min

Getting a community live within 40 days is unheard of, but Grazitti’s certified developers, great designers, project managers and testers along with a great team from PI managed this feature. Watch the webinar video to learn how the first release went live without any hitch and second release went live on time and so on.

5 ways of supercharging your Lithium Community

October 8, 2014 45 min

Watch the webinar video to learn what makes Lithium inherently so great and how can you create an engaging community. Know about inbuilt features of Lithium, CRM integration & it’s advantages, community management and so on.

10 Steps to Build a Modern & Successful Lead Scoring Model in Marketo

August 20, 2014 45 min

Modern lead scoring model leads to higher closed sales as compared to traditional lead scoring model. Watch the webinar to learn why traditional lead scoring cannot deliver long-term results for marketing and sales team, how to plan and build a modern lead scoring and its key factors.

5 Must-have features for your Service Cloud® Implementation

August 14, 2014 45 min

Watch the webinar video to learn 5 must-have features that will get your ROI soar. Learn what are the common challenges/missing items in Service Cloud, identify gaps in your existing Service Cloud, know must-have features for your Service Cloud implementation and much more.

Using Marketo for Webinars? Avoid 7 Big Mistakes!

August 6, 2014 60 min

Multiple your webinar ROI with a flawless marketing campaign in Marketo. Watch the webinar video to learn how to improve reach and engagement of pre and post-webinar, know how to transform your existing webinar program to a successful one and so on.

Increasing Customer Support ROI with an Effective Knowledge Base!

July 23, 2014 45 min

Watch webinar video to learn how companies across the globe use knowledge base to drive support ROI, know best ROI practices for implementing and improving knowledge base, How Marketo leveraged knowledge base to reduce their support costs and much more.

Keep Your Users Subscribed Forever!

June 4, 2014 60 min

Watch the webinar video to learn how to build a Subscription Center in Marketo that results in increased loyalty and boosts your subscriber rates. Learn the benefits of building an Email Preference Center, Effective SPCs examples and so on.

Dynamic Content in Marketo

April 30, 2014 45 min

Watch the webinar video to learn how targeted content in emails and on landing pages increases the number of conversions. Know different ways to implement dynamic content using Marketo and learn how to add mobile specific content for better engagement.

High Customer Engagement with Online Communities (Why Online communities)

April 1, 2014 60 min

Watch the webinar video and learn how to transform the way you connect with your customers, partners, employees and prospects with robust online communities. Learn how to increase customer engagement with private networks, leverage communities to reduce support cost, how Marketo achieved 21% average case deflection and so on.