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Ensure Effective Collaboration Among Your


Support Team

Support Team

Enable faster case closure through easy information access from the product team

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Product Team

Product Team

Product Team

Gain insights into the voice of the customer by getting access to the information stored in customer cases

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Business Team

Business Process Team

Business Process Team

Power-up the process efficiency by enabling a closer collaboration between your teams

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Collaborate Support and Product/engineering teams to achieve customer-centricity


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Create a new Jira issue

For all those customer cases in which your support agent seeks solution from product or engineering team, our connector enables them to easily create a Jira issue right from the Service Cloud instance. All your support agents have to do is fill-in the essential details and escalate the case to product team.

Link a Jira issue to a Salesforce case

In case there are new identical cases from different customers, your support agents can save time by linking them with existing Jira issue after reviewing it with the case.To do this he requires the exact issue key.

Send attachments and comments for the issue

For a speedy and correct resolution of the escalated case, your product or engineering team would need clarity about the case. And to provide them with that clarity, your support agent can send your product or engineering team attachments and comments related to that particular case.

Update Jira issue from Salesforce

If a support agent gets some new information on an issue and he/she wants to update it, then he/she can directly update that information from Salesforce without logging into Jira.

Track updates from Jira

Every support person actively tracks the status of Jira issues as part of their job. Our connector facilitates them to do so from Salesforce itself. This helps your support agents to update/provide the issue’s status to customers, thus enabling transparency.

Search for a Jira issue while escalating a case

Before creating an issue, your Support agents can search for the relevant information in Jira. If not found, they can create a new issue else leverage existing information to close cases faster.

Clone the Jira issue

While looking for the relevant information, your support agents encountered a similar issue that can be modified. This feature enables them to clone, modify, and create a new case. Thus saving on the time to create an issue.

Linking new case to existing Jira issue using the case number

If your product team receives a new case which is already there in existing Jira issues, they can simply link that case with its respective Jira issue using the salesforce case number.

Enjoy 100% control over comments (private and public)

Many comments are shared between support and engineering or product teams to resolve a case. The power to decide which comments need to be made public and which are to be kept hidden from your support team is in the hands of product manager, who enjoys full control over the comments.

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Why Us?

Grazitti’s connector for Salesforce-Jira integration opens multiple doors for your organization. From achieving customer-centricity to enabling quicker case resolution by keeping your support and engineering/product teams on the same page, it offers several other great benefits including optimizing content to increase case deflection. By leveraging our connector, you get 100% control over the information flow as it resides in the Salesforce umbrella and also integrates tightly with your Jira Software (both on-premises and on-cloud). Thus, enabling a secure and seamless flow of information between your support and engineering/product teams. Here are more reasons to opt for our connector:
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    Easy to Install
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    Salesforce Lightning Ready
  • why us icon3
    Service Cloud Centric
  • why us icon4
    100% Controlled Syncing
  • why us icon5
    Customizable & Configurable
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    Salesforce Certified Experts
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    Round the Clock Support



Selecting the Right Salesforce – Jira Connector

7 Steps to Selecting the Right Connector that Aligns with Your Business Objectives


$4,999 per year

Extra $1,499 for assisted implementation (Optional)
No user limit

No User Limit

Tied with a single Jira license, enabling it to be used by all of your Salesforce users.
Quick install

Quick Installation

Quickly install and set up the connector using self-starter guide.
Secure info

Secure Information Access

Tight integration with Jira software through a REST interface prevents spoofing attempts.

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