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    Our Business Intelligence Solutions

    Data Visualization

    Get business intelligence solutions designed according to your requirements to gain insights and make key decisions quickly with the help of interactive dashboards


    Consolidate structured and unstructured data from multiple sources with data analytics services to get a single and unified view with real-time insights

    Data Warehouse

    Transform data from disparate sources into a common format to derive valuable insights and make informed business decisions

    Healthcare Analytics

    Gather and evaluate key metrics of your health center with customized analytics solutions to develop clinical effectiveness and enhance patient safety

    Community Analytics

    Analyze community data to track the growth of your community and improve customer satisfaction, engagement, & revenue

    Advanced Analytics

    Leverage predictive analytics, machine learning, deep learning, and big data analytics solutions to make accurate predictions

    Operational Analytics

    Analyze data from operational processes to increase profits, improve decision-making, and build customer satisfaction

    Churn and Customer Success Analytics

    Effectively segment your customer base with data science services to minimize customer churn and improve business sustainability

    Finance Analytics

    Gain in-depth knowledge about the financial performance of your business with data and analytics services to get stronger insights, reduce risk, and shape future goals

    Marketing Analytics

    Measure, manage, and analyze marketing performance with data science analytics services to maximize marketing effectiveness and get an optimized ROI

    Why Us


    Team Grazitti helps power businesses with data-driven decision-support, dynamic digital marketing, enriched customer interactions, and engaged online communities.

    We help companies solve complex business challenges with ETL, cloud data warehouse management, data visualization, machine learning solutions, and more.

    The team has also developed 50+ Alteryx connectors to help businesses get quick and unified access to metrics from multiple platforms.


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    Financial Services

    High Tech

    Real Estate

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