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    Dynamic Application Security Test
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    Security Configuration Check
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    Admin Security Health Check
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    Penetration Testing

    Key Benefits of Vulnerability Assessment

    Diagnose Vulnerabilities

    Identify actual and potential security weaknesses by continuously scanning web applications.

    Prioritize Vulnerabilities

    Measure the severity of the vulnerabilities identified in web applications and prioritize them for remediation.

    Define Risk Assessment

    Devise a risk evaluation methodology to examine the security controls implemented in web applications.

    Manage Resources

    Shift attention to the most vulnerable areas and allocate resources to update and patch web applications.

    Prevent Data Loss

    Develop protection against financial, informative, and reputational loss caused by security flaws in web applications.

    Increase Credibility

    Build trust and credibility among business stakeholders by communicating a reliable security plan.

    Vulnerability Assessment Process

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    Security Frameworks

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    Why Choose Us

    Quality Services

    We strive to provide clients with top-notch services that are reflective of a collaborative work environment.

    Specialist Expertise

    Our cybersecurity team is a blend of experienced professionals working towards defending security imperfections.

    One-Stop Shop

    We handle all your cyber security needs including but not limited to security assessments, penetration testing, cloud security, and compliance.

    On-Time Delivery

    We strive to deliver accurate results within a stipulated time so that the security of customer data is not compromised.

    Well-Defined Process

    We carry out a well-defined vulnerability assessment for customers that is promising and doesn’t put data at risk.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who will conduct the VAPT security testing?
    Since VAPT is a delicate security testing procedure, it is performed by expert cyber security researchers and competent resources who can find ‘blind spots’ in business critical applications/information assets.
    How can data breach affect your organization?
    Weak security links, compromised data, and cyber security threats can lead to loss of revenue, distorted brand image, loss of intellectual property, hidden regulatory fines, online vandalism, etc.
    How is Vulnerability Assessment different from Penetration Testing?

    Vulnerability Assessment is a detailed review of security weaknesses present in the system. It helps evaluate suspected vulnerabilities, ranks them per their severity score, and suggests ways to mitigate them.

    On the other hand, Penetration Testing is an authorized simulated attack performed by ethical hackers using the same tools and techniques that attackers might use.

    Pentesting, thus, helps you analyze the readiness of security teams in countering vulnerabilities and develop coordination between in-house and external security providers. It also prepares you to handle security breaches effectively and improve incident response processes.

    How frequently do we need to conduct VAPT?

    We recommend performing vulnerability assessment (VA) periodically. VA can be conducted whenever you doubt your security systems. Otherwise, it is recommended to perform vulnerability assessment if there are code modifications or server updates/upgrades.

    You should also prefer conducting VA in case of website migration, asset migration, any major or minor release, or if any security incident or data breach tries to invade your network.

    What is the duration and cost associated to perform VAPT?
    The duration and cost associated with performing VAPT depends upon the scope of the application under assessment.
    Why should a business conduct VAPT?
    Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) helps businesses gain visibility of security weaknesses underlying in a company environment. Organizations can leverage the VAPT methodology to verify the security level of their network or application and recognize vulnerabilities.

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