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    Grazitti empowers marketers by providing visibility into the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns on net new revenue growth through marketing automation. Our expert marketing automation consultants help you scale your marketing programs, encompassing services like:

    Demand Generation

    Generating & accelerating demand with demand gen & lead gen for fuelling growth, and boosting revenue

    Campaign Management

    Planning, creating, implementing, analyzing & optimizing email, direct mail, events and multi-channel campaigns, along with custom asset development that suits your campaign strategy

    Marketing Operations

    Planning, implementing & streamlining your marketing activities to generate better visibility into your marketing department’s contribution to revenue

    Customer Engagement

    Creating beautiful & responsive marketing assets & engagement strategies, encouraging & rewarding community participation, and enhancing the overall customer experience

    Custom Development & Integrations

    Developing solutions to meet your unique needs & integrating them with your existing systems for complete closed-loop system for multi-channel lead generation & revenue generation

    Advanced Reporting

    Generating advanced reports from the marketing automation instance to enable deeper insights into your campaigns’ actual performance

    Marketing Platforms