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    Community On-boarding Programs

    Make your customers and users an active participant on your customer communities. Leverage Marketo to build drip programs to get your users on the community and help them start engaging

    Customer Newsletters

    Get an extra hand to build customer newsletters and keep them informed with all the latest product, company and industry related information

    Cross-Sell/Up-sell Programs

    Let your customer success teams expand the relationship with your customer. Discuss with our marketing team to understand how you can drive more revenue from your customers with personalized cross-sell and up-sell programs

    Customer Renewal Nurture

    Leverage Marketo to automate your renewal email programs. Take the burden off your customer success team to send reminder emails for contract renewals. We can help you build renewal email programs for different products/services, aligned with renewal cadence

    Customer Referral Programs

    Make your customers your most effective lead gen source. Setup organic or direct referral programs, and reward your customers as they become your brand advocates

    Net Promoter Survey Programs

    Drive visibility for your top execs with automated customer NPS survey programs. Our team has designed different NPS programs, via email as well as within web application

    Customer Engagement Scoring

    Is your marketing and customer success ignoring customer activity? We help you design customer centric scoring programs to give more visibility to your customer success teams

    Customer On-boarding Nurture

    Engage your customer right from the first day. With automated drip programs, you can send relevant product/training-related content to your product contacts as soon as a new opportunity is won. We can help you build relevant content, design, assets, and program in Marketo to get you started

    Customer Success Strategy

    Work with our team to build a strategy to bridge the gaps in your customer success process by leveraging marketing automation. Our team will help you define programs for different stages in customer lifecycle, and are easy to clone for different business services

    Some of Our Work

    Developed custom assets in Marketo for better targeted marketing campaigns and federated search
    Setup travel managers community on salesforce. Implemented a referral program & developed custom assets in Marketo for effective marketing campaigns
    Implemented a referral program, de-dupe solution, & subscription center to increase revenue on Marketo investment
    Implemented a referral program, de-dupe solution, & subscription center to increase revenue on Marketo investment


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