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With the advent of hybrid clouds, better social intelligence tools, visual business data processing solutions, and smarter software systems, the enterprise software industry is undergoing a sea change.

To ride this change, the industry executives need efficient, scalable, robust & flexible Enterprise Software Solutions, backed by a trusted and experienced partner.

Leveraging innovative service oriented architecture and cloud computing solutions, Grazitti delivers end-to-end industry specific enterprise software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail, services, hospitality and other industries – enabling companies to improve performance and increase efficiencies.

Some of the solutions that Grazitti provides include:

  • Support Communities
  • Services to Enhance Your Existing Cloud Platforms – Salesforce, Marketo, and Others
  • Custom Websites
  • Marketing Automation Solutions
  • Custom Integrations

Some of Our Work




A custom, beautiful Lithium Customer community to manage social conversations and keep pace with extreme customer expectations


Ping Identity

Ping Identity

Advanced, custom Salesforce Community and custom Salesforce development solutions delivered within challenging timeframes

Customer Speaks

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Adam Avramescu Adam Avramescu Head of Customer Education, Optimizely
This is looking great overall, kudos to Grazitti for all the work on this!
Heather Watkins Heather Watkins Director, Customer Marketing , Optimizely
Grazitti have done an absolutely incredible job. The timelines were short, the group of people involved was large, and the expectations were high. I can tell you that we are all very impressed with the velocity and speed of your team’s work and feel lucky to work with you.
David Skyberg David Skyberg Product Manager, Ping Identity
Right from start the Grazitti team gave us the confidence that we do not need to have a plan B. Once things started rolling – they were able to accommodate a number of requirements that were made by the operating teams within the timeframe.