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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How will Zendesk & Salesforce Integration prove helpful to me?
    The Zendesk and Salesforce integration can help sync your Zendesk Org to Salesforce Account. Also, you can map Zendesk customer field of end users to Salesforce contact fields and map Zendesk Ticket fields to Salesforce Case fields with the help of Zendesk and Salesforce integration.
    Why is it not bi-directional? Are we working on making it bi-directional?
    Currently, it is unidirectional only. This means you can sync from Zendesk to Salesforce only but we are working in making it bi-directional.
    Is there any possibility to sync more than 10 articles in the future?
    You can only sync maximum 10 articles (in the trial version).
    What will be the cost for this product? Is it a one-time fee?
    There is only a one-time fee that inlcudes installation, if required.
    How do I reach the product and how can I install the product?
    You will be provided with the installation guide, package link, and license link through an email.
    Is it a managed or unmanaged package?
    It is a managed package.
    What are the different ways of authentication?
    Basic and OAuth 2.0 are the two ways of authentication.
    Is migration done with the help of the authenticated user?
    Yes, migration can only be done with the help of an authenticated user.
    What access should be for that authentication user?
    Knowledge user.
    Is it possible to create tickets on Zendesk from Salesforce? I know we can create a ticket on Zendesk and it will be created on Salesforce.
    Yes, we can create tickets on Zendesk from Salesforce.
    Are there any specific versions for Zendesk that you support?
    We support all Zendesk v2 APIs.
    What Salesforce editions does this work with?
    It works with essentials, professional, enterprise, unlimited, performance and, developer editions.
    Do you perform customizations if required?
    Yes, you can avail customizations as per your specific needs and requirements.
    What type of security is followed through the product?
    The credentials are stored and used with the help of Encryption and Decryption.
    Can I configure it myself?
    Yes, you can configure it on your own. You will be provided with the installation document along with the package link.
    Are there any limitations that come with Zendesk and Salesforce Integration?
    In the trial version, you can sync a maximum of 10 records. Apart from this, Zendesk with Salesforce integration is only uni-directional and also, the comments on images cannot be synchronized as there is no end point available at Zendesk's level.
    How to integrate Zendesk support with Salesforce?
    You can use case sync tab to sync all the tickets with Salesforce.
    What does the Zendesk and Salesforce offer to my business?
    The Zendesk Integration with Salesforce ensures hassle-free data migration from Zendesk to Salesforce.