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    How Can the Single Page Applications Empower AEM Development

    The evolution of technology is directly related to the lucidity of user experience. That is why developers are always striving to find out ways to develop more sophisticated and user-friendly web apps.

    One of the biggest hurdles in offering a superior web experience is slow page loading. With dwindling attention span, it is no surprise that slow page loading is one of the biggest contributors to the bounce rate.

    Single Page Applications are the way to overcome this hurdle.

    How can the Single Page Applications empower AEM development

    What are Single Page Applications?

    Single Page Applications are web apps that can fit into single pages with dynamic actions and therefore work without page reloading. They are emerging as one of the most popular design patterns for web design.

    Whenever a user requests a visit to the webpage, the browser, in turn, requests the server and receives an HTML file. So every time the file is sent back to the browser, the pages reload. However, in SPAs, the HTML file is sent only on the first request. The rest of the times the server only sends the data to the browser. This enables content rewriting in a single page rather than loading of new pages.

    How can using Single Page Applications benefit you?

    What SPAs directly strike at is the UX, making it more seamless and enhanced. But let’s dig deeper into what are the benefits that these web apps offer.

    1. No page reloading- As has been discussed, the idea behind this development is to eliminate the page loading time. SPAs are directed towards presenting a natural experience to the users, wherein they can browse between content without having to reload.

    2. Easier to build- SPA development is less complicated as compared to traditional web apps. This is because you don’t need to write a lot of code for page rendering from the server.

    3. Data caching- SPAs can carry out data caching quite effectively. Since the apps request data from the servers, they can readily store all this data and can therefore also enable working in offline mode.

    What’s in it for AEM users?

    For AEM apps, the Single Page Application framework in AEM apps empowers the AngularJS app. The web design pattern enables developers to access the touch-optimized, drag and drop editor environment while developing and managing the app’s content, which is traditionally only accessible while managing websites.

    Want some experts to empower your AEM apps with Single Page Applications framework? Contact Us. Or shoot us a mail at [email protected] to know more about our services and products and we’ll get back to you in no time.