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    Salesforce Genie is Out of the Bottle: Time to Create Magical CX

    Ever been in a situation where you had to call a support line and spend time talking to the agent about your purchase history?

    Most of us are familiar with this scenario.

    Throughout the buying journey, a customer expects everything to be connected and get a real-time, personalized resolution.

    Take a moment to consider how much customer data businesses have these days; its global volume doubles every hour.

    Now, consider this. Would it be possible for a support agent to provide personalized service given the quantity of customer data they need to comprehend?

    The answer might not be yes if there is no efficient CDP (Customer Data Platform) in place!

    That’s where Salesforce Genie emerges as an effective solution.

    Traditionally, CDP collects customer data from disparate sources to make sure that marketers have a comprehensive understanding of the customer.

    Genie adds a new layer of ‘real-time’ data to it.

    Salesforce Genie is a customer data platform that lets businesses visualize, explore, and act on customer data in real time, across channels, and at scale.

    Salesforce Genie integrates data quickly. It reads the data sources and processes them without moving or duplicating the data. As a result, it completes a long process in milliseconds!

    Powering the entire Salesforce Customer 360 platform, Genie is a real-time data analysis platform that provides insights to offer personalized user experience across sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT touchpoints.

    It streamlines and automates the process of gathering, interpreting, and eventually, presenting customer data in a way that helps to create effective marketing and sales strategies.

    Here’s an example view of the unified customer profile created by Salesforce Genie [i]

    unified customer profile created by Salesforce Genie

    This data can then be used by your team to understand buyer intent, predict their behavior, and ultimately, create a healthy bottom line.

    You might wonder how Salesforce Genie does that. Here’s your answer:

    Salesforce Genie: New Innovation in Data Platform to Offer Winning CX

    Here’s a brief overview of what Salesforce Genie does to offer a personalized customer experience at scale.

    Salesforce Genie: New Innovation in Data Platform to Offer Winning CX

    Connect: Business leaders struggle to get a 360-degree view of their customers from various sources in real time. By offering multiple ways to connect with customer data in real-time, Salesforce Genie solves this problem very well.

    Harmonize: By ingesting data from multiple disparate systems and storing real-time information at a huge scale, Salesforce Genie can synchronize the data into a real-time customer graph, which can be used to enhance customer experience and offer personalized services.

    Here’s how it works:

    • Connects different data sources through an interface.
    • Creates a real-time customer graph based on customers’ interactions with the company.
    • Provides native privacy, consent, and compliance management.
    • Integrates with Einstein to help with real-time predictions and recommendations in milliseconds. Genie works with the Google Cloud Platform to extract data and share it with the marketing teams to create targeted strategies.
    • Organizes real-time data into secure, logical spaces, enabling teams to access only the data that they need.

    Engage: In order to provide real-time and personalized service, service reps need real-time customer information. Using Salesforce Genie, you will be able to unravel this puzzle by providing each piece of information in real-time to engage your valuable customers.

    Here’s how it works:

    • Helps you engage with customers in real-time, get feedback, and gain insights with the help of bots.
    • Enables you to enhance business processes by building a personalized experience for users.
    • Helps providing relevant data and insights to customer-facing teams in real-time based on Einstein’s predictions.

    The Genie Advantage: What Salesforce Genie Can Do for You?

    Customer 360 and other cloud products offered by Salesforce now have real-time data accessibility, improved data intelligence, and a layer of automation. Thanks to Genie!

    Here is a quick look at the latest Genie innovations:

    • Marketers can now use Marketing Cloud Genie to tailor messaging across channels based on customer activity across various marketing channels.
    • With Commerce Cloud Genie, retailers can design personalized customer experiences tailored to their real-time needs.
    • Sales Cloud Genie stores real-time data streams at a massive scale and combines it with Salesforce data. It enables salespersons to see the full context of the customer, including their key details, best time to contact, and engagement feed.
    • With MuleSoft Genie, you can access real-time data from all legacy systems.
    • With Slack Genie, IT leaders can instantly boost productivity by providing real-time data to teams from any channel using intelligent workflows. With a centralized account, businesses can provide a more individualized customer experience.
    • Tableau Genie enables businesses to track KPIs in real time, including real-time direct purchases for sales, case spikes for service, and web traffic for marketing.

    How Salesforce Genie Helps You Deliver Great CX

    With Genie, your teams can provide optimal customer experiences anytime and anywhere!

    When your customers have a positive experience, you are more likely to have loyal customers, which will increase your revenue.

    Let’s understand this with an example. You call customer service with a problem regarding a product.

    If the company uses Service Cloud Genie, this automatically pauses all marketing and sales interactions with you until the issue is resolved.

    For example, you won’t get an email offering to buy the very product you’re complaining about.

    In addition, you will not receive any emails asking for feedback on the same product.

    Genie automatically pauses all such activities and the customers will not receive marketing emails unless a resolution is provided.

    An added layer of intelligence brought by enables businesses to deliver a great customer experience.

    The Bottom Line

    Any business can use Salesforce Genie to make sense of all their data from any system, channel, or data stream. With real-time agility, speed, and near-infinite customer data, Genie offers everything you need to create a winning customer experience.

    Want to capitalize on the potential of Salesforce Genie? Write to us at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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