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      Salesforce Einstein: Making the Magic of AI Work for Sales Teams

      Jan 30, 2023

      3 minute read

      Salesforce has always been at the forefront of developing powerful digital arsenal.

      It has emerged as one of the most dependable armories for businesses seeking to claim their thrones in the digital arena.

      And in addition to being the leading provider of customer relationship management (CRM) tools, Salesforce is also one of the earliest adopters of AI capabilities and technology.

      With artificial intelligence expected to generate $15.7 trillion in revenue by 2030[I] and enterprises currently generating the highest ROI by implementing AI in Customer Experience, AI seems like a smart investment!

      Undoubtedly, AI is the Lightsaber every savvy digital entrepreneur covets to possess. With the world becoming accustomed to AI, Salesforce jumped at the chance to incorporate it, and that’s when we were introduced to Salesforce Einstein for sales teams (Sales Cloud Einstein)!

      In this blog post, we will learn how everything there’s to know about Sales Cloud Einstein and how it can help you create a winning sales strategy.

      Sales Cloud Einstein: The Maneki-Neko of Your Organization

      Sales Cloud Einstein is an AI-powered sales platform that provides sales teams with various predictive and analytical insights so they can carry out business processes effectively.

      By combining the CRM data and sales activities, Sales Cloud Einstein acts as your own data science department. The platform helps you identify the best leads, convert opportunities more efficiently, and retain customers effortlessly.

       benefits of  utilizing Sales Cloud Einstein

      One can reap the following benefits by utilizing Sales Cloud Einstein[ii]:

      • 45% boost in customer satisfaction
      • 43% Boost in marketing ROI
      • 50% increase in appointments and leads[iii]

      Well, with Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein as your recipe for success, you can satisfy your appetite for more leads and user engagement.

      Salesforce Einstein lets you capitalize on your team’s sales activities and CRM data to identify the most qualified leads, boost conversion rates, and retain customers better.

      How Sales Cloud Einstein Guarantees a Winning Sales Strategy?

      Let’s explore what Sales Cloud Einstein has to offer and how it will help you create a healthy bottom line.

      Prioritize Your Leads With Einstein Lead Scoring

      Create a predictive lead scoring model tailored to your company’s characteristics with the Einstein Lead Scoring tool to assign value to your leads and prioritize them.

      The Einstein Lead Scoring feature of Sales Cloud Einstein allows you to assess the quality of leads. It uses AI and machine learning to score leads automatically and comprehend historic data of previously converted leads. By prioritizing leads, you can increase conversions, improve productivity, and boost ROI.

      Compared to other rule-based lead qualification approaches, it is easier, faster, and more accurate.

      Moreover, Einstein understands your current leads and predicts which ones are most likely to succeed. By doing this, sales reps can discern between real leads and non-productive prospects.

      Weeding out non-productive prospects means your sales reps can focus on a qualified lead and close more deals.

      Create Winning Sales Strategy With Einstein Analytics

      The Salesforce Einstein Analytics feature gets important information, computes large data sets, and performs tasks that previously required manual effort.

      With Salesforce Einstein Analytics, your sales team can continuously update opportunity pipelines in real-time. Further, they can examine updated deals and determine whether the closing criteria were met or not.

      The feature allows sales executives to monitor key sales and adjust strategies to grow revenue and sales. It also allows the sales team to:

      • Identify key business metrics in real time and make informed decisions based on data-driven insights.
      • Identify the key drivers of customer behavior and channels where the customer sells.

      Overall, Einstein analytics bestows the power to use and comprehend data in a way that helps sales steam create a winning sales strategy.

      The Bottom Line

      The value of a good sales team cannot be overstated. And machine learning, timely insights, and automation will serve your sales team a world of good and further enhance their capabilities for increased sales.

      Ready to Supercharge Your Sales Team’s Productivity? Talk to Us!

      Whether you’re planning on getting started with Salesforce Einstein AI or wish to customize it further to enhance its capabilities, Grazitti can help. Write to us at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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