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    Leverage the Powers of Einstein AI for the Salesforce Ecosystem

    “AI is now an imperative, not a nice-to-have.” – Marco Casalaina, General Manager of Einstein, Salesforce.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already revolutionized various aspects of the business landscape and its progress and importance will grow more in 2022 and beyond!

    That’s why brands are backing their business operations with the power of AI.

    According to research, global spending on AI will double to $110 billion in 2024, up from $50 billion in 2020[i].

    If we rewind back to 2014, Salesforce caught the trail of the rising AI wave and invested heavily in it by acquiring machine learning (ML) startups.

    With a well-defined strategy, Salesforce introduced Einstein, which doesn’t just make it easier to manage data but learns from it to turn intangible data into meaningful insights.

    In this infographic, we will explore what Salesforce Einstein is all about and the different ways it’s spread across the Salesforce ecosystem to take its capabilities a notch higher.

    To view this infographic in high resolution, click here.