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    We’re Proud Ridge Level Partners

    Attune Your Salesforce CRM to Your Unique
    Business Needs

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    The right customer relationship management (CRM) can make a big difference to your business’ growth trajectory. When you tailor a CRM to your unique business needs, you can ensure that no opportunity is lost.

    Salesforce is the #1 CRM in the world, packed with powerful features, and when you align its game-changing features with your vision, you can increase revenue, improve business processes, and boost ROI.

    Our Range of Salesforce Customization Services

    To keep you on the trajectory of digital transformation, we ensure that your people, processes, and technology are aligned so that you are on the path to business success.

    Extract the True Value of Salesforce

    Greater Customer Retention
    Higher ROI
    Save Time and Resources
    User Convenience and Productivity

    Our Customization Expertise Across the
    Salesforce Ecosystem

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    Our Range of Applications to Customize &
    Amplify the Power of Salesforce

    A flexible and secure way to integrate your Salesforce and Jira instances. Integrate all Standard and Custom Objects in Salesforce with Jira with ease.

    A robust solution for support teams that enables Salesforce Service Cloud users to simplify case management.

    A one-stop-solution to handle Ideas management in Salesforce and drive innovation.

    A Salesforce-native gamification solution that has features like score calculation and rewards that bring in better community engagement and ROI.

    A Salesforce-native and Lightning-ready product for building walkthroughs on Salesforce-powered communities.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Salesforce Customization?
    Customization is the addition of custom coding and features that extend the capabilities of your CRM Platform beyond what is currently available in the standard application environment. It enables you to enhance your business to achieve the desired results.
    What Makes Salesforce Customization a Compulsive Need?
    The power of Salesforce is in its ability to be customized as per your existing processes. With customization, you can upgrade your existing application and add new features to keep up with the changing market and customer trends.
    How Much is the Cost if I Go for Salesforce Customization?
    The cost is dependent on your unique requirements, like features, modules, and objects you would like to add to your platform within a particular period of time.
    What About the Ownership of My Salesforce Project?
    Be assured, that you will have 100% ownership of your Salesforce project. We ensure it through NDA, copyright, source code, intellectual property rights, and more.

    The Grazitti Advantage

    From strategy to go-live and beyond, we ensure the success of your customization project, by following an agile and well-defined approach.

    Here’s what we do:

    Conduct Requirement Analysis to Identify Your Current and
    Future Scope

    Design a Customization Roadmap Based on Your Unique Needs

    Create a Solid Salesforce Customization Plan With Clear Timelines
    and SLAs

    Execute Customization in Alignment With Your Key Stakeholders

    Offer Support & Monitoring

    We offer:

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