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    Our Valued Customers

    Service Cloud Services

    Einstein Analytics for Service

    Deploy Einstein Analytics to help your service team become smarter, intelligent, and better at taking preventive measures and handling customers issues

    Thorough Health Check-ups

    Meet the standards by ensuring the structural and functional integrity of your org with Grazitti’s service cloud experts

    Custom Solution Development

    Transform your service center from a cost center into a revenue center with our custom components and objects that align with your business processes

    Service Cloud® Quality Assurance

    Improve processes and enhance customer service delivery with a bug-free and immaculate org

    Enhancing Collaboration

    Make information retrieval fast by setting up two-way integration with knowledge sources and the tools used by other departments

    Migration to Lightning Experience

    Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your service team with a time-bound, error-free, and zero-data-loss move to Service Cloud in Lightning

    Integration with Communities

    Drive self-service by allowing one-click case creation, escalation, and management

    Migration to Service Cloud®

    Improve processes, increase productivity, and create service-driven business differentiation with Service Cloud

    Enabling Personalization

    Transform your customers into brand advocates by delivering great service experience across all channels (digital and real life)

    Our Products

    Sinergify – A Salesforce-Jira Connector

    Demolish the communication barriers between your product and support teams

    Email to Case

    Improve your support team’s productivity by deploying an enhanced version of standard Email-to-Case

    Khoros-Salesforce Case Connector

    Bring the capabilities of Salesforce case management into your Khoros-powered online community

    Khoros-Salesforce Knowledge Connector

    Synchronize the articles created and stored in Salesforce Knowledge with right category type in your Khoros community

    SearchUnify for Salesforce Service Cloud

    Help your support reps retrieve information from multiple integrated knowledge sources to reduce the average case resolution time

    Ideas Pro

    Prioritize the customer suggestions posted on your community by linking the Idea object with an Account object

    Why Partner With Us?

    Your Success Comes First

    Three things define us: Customer-centricity, focus on research, and a penchant for asking questions. These qualities allow us to communicate regularly, and deliver in your budget and time.

    We Are an ISV and Cloud Alliance Partner

    We have been associated with the SFDC for several years and enjoy a reputable partnership.

    We Leverage Our Industry Experience to Deliver Solutions

    Having worked in a number of verticals, we understand your pain points and offer well-researched and tried-and-tested solutions.

    We Have Expertise Across All Salesforce Products

    With 10+ years of experience in crafting innovative solutions on the Salesforce platform, we are your trusted partners with cross-product expertise.

    Our Solutions Are Holistic

    Your Service Cloud does not exist as standalone implementation. We work with you to understand the role, each Salesforce component plays in your business, to suggest solutions that fit in the bigger picture.

    Our Project Success Managers Ensure Seamless Delivery

    Be it hours, billing, or a smooth relationship, our product success managers keep you on the top of developments in your project. We emphasize clear and frequent communication.

    Our Partnerships

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