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    Knowledge Base

    Conceptualizing help and guidance to the users via videos, blogs, pdfs and integrating Madcap flare articles to retrieve desired information from the library


    Promoting the ideas about a specific product or service with the help of categorization and creative iconography


    Setting up discussions in a way to help the users find and exchange solutions for their queries and can mark them as best answer


    Designing the User Interface to illustrate the status and priority of the cases plays a pivotal role in user support


    Engaging the users with Gamification techniques like points listing, rewarding top rankers, giving them privilege for the homepage and providing a personalized feeling

    Federated Search

    Refining the UI with dropdowns and filtrations based upon popularity, category, author’s name etc. in federated search helps in displaying the results

    Some of Our Work

    Advanced, custom Salesforce Community & custom Salesforce development solutions delivered within challenging timeframes
    Advanced Salesforce development for reduced support costs & custom Lithium community for an enhanced user experience
    Enhanced brand visibility & user experience with a beautiful & responsive WordPress powered website
    Enhanced brand visibility & user experience with a beautiful, responsive & custom WordPress powered website


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