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    PHP Services We Offer


    Web Application Development

    Build custom PHP web and CMS solutions, including websites and apps, enterprise CMSs, PWAs, SPAs, and digital experience platforms for B2B, B2C, and B2B2C businesses in different industry verticals

    eCommerce Development

    Leverage PHP’s rich ecosystem to develop high-performance online storefronts with fast speed, interactive interfaces, and seamless carts and payment gateways for exceptional shopping experiences

    Upgrade/Modernize PHP Applications

    Level up your PHP application by upgrading to the latest version and modernizing the legacy systems as per your changing business requirements

    Migration to PHP

    Migrate your existing tech stack to a more powerful PHP framework while maintaining complete data integrity and transparency

    Support & Maintenance

    Ensure smooth functioning of your PHP application with round-the-clock support for housekeeping and troubleshooting to maintain fast, secure, and top-notch performance

    API & Third-Party Integration

    Scale and optimize your PHP website by integrating with various third-party solutions and APIs to enhance the system capabilities and harness the full potential of your tech stack

    Some of Our Work

    Developed an interactive blogging platform and website with SSO,
    Stripe Payment Gateway, and Discourse integration
    Developing and deploying 5 brand sites in parallel Personalisation Integration with Marketo
    Migrated a DotNet website into an interactive &
    feature-rich Magento powered website
    Migrated a DotNet website into an interactive &
    feature-rich Magento powered website

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    FAQs on PHP Web Development

    What is PHP application development?
    PHP is an all-purpose open-source scripting language that is used to build interactive, dynamic, and feature-rich websites and web applications. Using PHP for web application development allows you to architect highly secure and agile infrastructure for your business.
    Is PHP good for enterprise applications?
    Enterprise systems need to be robust, resilient, and scalable from the get-go. PHP, with its excellent ecosystem and top-notch security, makes for a great choice to build high-performing enterprise applications. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Craigslist are all built on PHP.
    Is PHP good for eCommerce?
    PHP is compatible with almost all kinds of software and lets you craft complex applications with ease and minimal effort. Its flexibility, agility, and simplicity make it easier to meet any business requirements with seamless customizations and integrations.
    What does a PHP developer do?
    The role of a PHP developer is to analyze website requirements and create the most suitable plan for development. They create, test, and deploy the website/web app using PHP and several other technologies. Once the website is up and running, their responsibility is to monitor and maintain it regularly for optimal functioning.
    What are the benefits of using PHP?
    There are multiple advantages of using PHP for your business’s web app development. Some of these include-
    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Platform independence
    • Quick load time
    • Better user experience
    • Faster time-to-market
    • Easy to use and scale
    What are the different frameworks based on PHP?
    PHP frameworks let you create web applications faster and easier with added features and functionalities. The top PHP-based frameworks for developing web applications are Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Zend Framework / Laminas Project, Yii, CakePHP, Slim, Phalcon, FuelPHP, and Fat-Free.
    How much does PHP development cost?
    The cost of PHP web development varies from project to project. However, being a cost-effective technology, it fits almost all kinds of budgets. If you want an exact quote for a project, you can get in touch with our experts. They will analyze your unique business requirements and provide you with the best estimates, accordingly.
    How much time do you require to complete a PHP project?
    The time required to complete a PHP project depends heavily on the requirements. Based on the project’s size and complexity, it can take anywhere from several weeks to months or years for ongoing projects. If you have a specific time frame in mind, you can discuss it with us beforehand and we’ll complete the project within it.

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