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    Grazitti Interactive Your Premier SharePoint

    Grazitti Interactive: Your Premier SharePoint Services Partner

    Since 2008, Grazitti Interactive has been a global innovation leader in providing SharePoint consultation and development services. With our custom SharePoint solutions, we have been empowering businesses to improve collaboration, efficiency, communication, and security.

    We serve over 1000 global customers, including Fortune 500 companies across education, technology, banking, financial services, healthcare, and travel industries. We have a team of 50+ Microsoft technology experts with diverse skill sets and have delivered over 100+ successful projects so far.

    Our SharePoint Endeavors


    [Case Study]

    Migrating From Jive to SharePoint Online for Increased Scalability and User Adoption

    Building Interactive SharePoint Intranet Portal

    [Case Study]

    Building Interactive SharePoint Intranet Portal for a Multinational Computer Software Company

    Migrating From Confluence

    [Case Study]

    Migrating From Confluence to SharePoint Online for Improved Scalability and Performance

    Our Microsoft SharePoint Expertise

    Empowering Businesses With SharePoint Excellence: Our Tailored Solutions

    Business Process Automation & Workflow Management

    Automate repetitive tasks and create workflows to enhance productivity, reduce manual errors, and ensure effective task completion.

    SharePoint Document Management

    Make document management intuitive, secure, and efficient by implementing features like versioning, metadata management, co-authoring, and advanced search options.

    SharePoint Intranet

    Build visually appealing, interactive, and user-friendly SharePoint intranet sites. Customize your intranet with brand identity, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience.

    SharePoint Knowledge Management

    Foster a culture of learning and knowledge sharing by facilitating the SharePoint knowledge management system. Implement features like metadata tagging, content categorization, and content approval workflows.

    SharePoint Contract Management

    Streamline the entire contract lifecycle with SharePoint to effectively store contract documents, and automate approval workflows. Also, set up alerts for contract renewals or deadlines, and maintain version control.

    SharePoint Helpdesk

    Create a centralized ticketing system with SharePoint Online to enhance customer satisfaction and improve issue resolution time. Additionally, implement automation features, such as routing tickets to the appropriate department, categorizing issues, and generating reports for performance analysis.


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    Our Development Cycle – The Roadmap to a Successful SharePoint Implementation

    Planning and Requirement Gathering

    Planning and Requirement Gathering

    Before we get to developing your Microsoft SharePoint solution, our experts meticulously plan and gather your specific requirements, ensuring a tailored approach to your needs.

    System Design and Architecture

    System Design and Architecture

    Next, our skilled team recommends a system architecture, mapping out your SharePoint solution’s structure and functionality to meet your business objectives seamlessly.

    Development Environment Setup

    Development Environment Setup

    Once, the architecture gets approved, our skilled team sets up an optimized development environment. Here, they fine-tune settings for efficient coding and testing, laying the foundation for a successful SharePoint deployment.

    Coding and Implementation

    Coding and Implementation

    Next, our Microsoft developers meticulously code and implement your SharePoint solution, bringing your vision to life with precision and expertise.



    Our experts then implement rigorous testing to ensure your SharePoint solution’s functionality, security, and performance, meet the highest standards.

    Deployment and Release

    Deployment and Release

    After completing thorough testing, we deploy and release your SharePoint solution, seamlessly integrating it into your existing systems for immediate use.

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    More From Our Content Chest

    Fine-Tune Your SharePoint With a Complimentary Audit

    A SharePoint health check is a vital evaluation process performed by our experts to ensure optimal performance, security, and stability of your SharePoint deployment. It is essential when facing performance issues, security concerns, or system disruptions. A comprehensive health check ensures your Sharepoint platform operates optimally, enhancing the overall user experience.

    Key Areas of Evaluation

    SharePoint Farm Assessment

    SharePoint Farm Assessment

    Examines the entire SharePoint farm, including servers, databases, and services, to ensure overall health, performance, and reliability.

    Custom Applications Assessment

    Custom Applications Assessment and Code Review

    Evaluates custom applications within the farm, checking their code for efficiency, security, and compatibility.

    Load-Time Analysis

    Load-Time Analysis

    Measures loading times of SharePoint pages and components, ensuring optimal speed and responsiveness for users.

    SharePoint Security Audit

    SharePoint Security Audit

    Examines security configurations, permissions, and access controls to identify vulnerabilities and enhance data protection.

    Content Analysis and Assessment

    Content Analysis and Assessment

    Reviews content quality, organization, and relevance, optimizing the user experience and ensuring effective dissemination of information.

    User Experience Assessment

    User Experience Assessment

    Assesses the interface, navigation, and usability to enhance user satisfaction and productivity within SharePoint applications.

    FAQs on Microsoft SharePoint Services

    What are the key features of SharePoint?
    SharePoint offers robust document management, collaboration tools, version control, workflow automation, and integration capabilities. It facilitates team collaboration, secure data storage, seamless communication, and streamlined business processes, enhancing productivity and efficiency for organizations.
    Are SharePoint services suitable for collaboration among team members?
    Yes, SharePoint Services are highly suitable for collaboration among team members. It provides a centralized platform for document sharing, real-time collaboration, task management, and communication tools. SharePoint also enables teams to collaborate effectively, share information securely, and work together on projects, enhancing overall productivity and teamwork.
    What is the difference between SharePoint Online services and SharePoint on-premises?

    SharePoint Online services and SharePoint on-premises represent distinct approaches to deploying and managing SharePoint. SharePoint Online services operate in the cloud, managed by Microsoft, offering flexibility and accessibility. It operates on a subscription-based model, making it cost-effective for businesses of various sizes. However, customization options are somewhat limited compared to SharePoint on-premises.

    On the other hand, SharePoint on-premises is installed and managed on a company's own servers, enabling extensive customization but requiring an upfront license fee and active IT team management. The choice between them often boils down to specific business needs, budget constraints, and the level of control and customization desired by a business.

    How secure is SharePoint?
    SharePoint is designed with robust security features to safeguard data and ensure secure collaboration. It employs encryption, authentication protocols, and access controls to protect information. Additionally, it provides compliance features meeting various industry standards, enhancing data integrity and confidentiality. While Microsoft manages the underlying infrastructure for SharePoint Online, users are responsible for managing their data and access controls, ensuring an additional layer of security. However, the overall security of any SharePoint deployment also depends on proper configuration, regular updates, and user awareness about the best security practices. That’s why it is essential for businesses to actively manage and monitor their SharePoint environment to maximize security.
    Can I integrate SharePoint services with other Microsoft tools like Office 365?
    Yes, you can seamlessly integrate SharePoint services with other Microsoft tools. SharePoint is part of the Microsoft 365 suite, ensuring smooth integration with applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, and Teams. This integration enables collaborative document editing, email communication, and team collaboration within a unified digital ecosystem, enhancing productivity and streamlining workflow processes for users.
    How do I migrate data to SharePoint services?
    Migrating data to SharePoint involves assessing, preparing the environment, mapping data, using migration tools, testing for integrity, and providing user support for a smooth transition. However, if you find the process daunting, you can choose a trustworthy SharePoint services partner for smooth deployment.
    What are the latest updates and innovations in Microsoft SharePoint?
    In August 2023, SharePoint introduced several enhancements, including SharePoint news in email, new site themes, improved accessibility in page authoring, announcements in Viva Connections, restricted access control, and folder colors. It also introduced capabilities to Meetings/People views in OneDrive, updated SharePoint pages sharing, Teams Meet app, and a new Search experience in chat and channels.
    What are other Microsoft tech stacks that Grazitti has expertise in?
    Grazitti has Microsoft expertise in website and app development, mobile app development, AI-powered cloud-based solutions, AI and ML solutions, and heaps more. The list of tech stack includes:
    • .NET
    • Microsoft Dynamics
    • .Net Core
    • Power BI
    • Windows Forms
    • Azure Cloud
    • Microsoft Office 365
    • Power Platform

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