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    No Frustration of Managing Complex Data |
    Just Reliable, Relevant, and High-Quality Salesforce Data

    Data Cleansing Powers that Dupe Manager Provides on Your Fingertips

    Customizable Filter Logic

    Customizable filter logic that will help in the deduping process and clean data.

    Scheduled Deduping

    Automate periodic check on duplicate records by setting up scheduled deduping.

    Field Value Update

    Allow updating field values across selected records while merging records.

    Child Data Unification

    The data of child records can be merged with the parent records to prevent duplication of data of a single account.

    Auto-Detection of Duplicates

    Use pre-defined rules to help users/admins find duplicates within a click and without any manual effort.


    All standard and custom Salesforce objects’ data can be merged based on the defined rules, giving you full control of how records are merged and what info is retained.

    Perks that Dupe Manager Offers

    Effective Duplication Management

    Improved Data Management and Quality

    Better User Adoption and Experience

    Improved Customer Relationship

    Prevent Your Data from Becoming Messy and Polluted with Duplicates, Inaccuracies, and Inconsistencies.

    No Use-Defined Limit

    Flat Pricing

    Lightning Ready

    Easy Configuration

    Highly Customizable

    We are constantly working to upgrade Dupe Manager

    Do you have a specific use case that you want? We might be able to bring it to life.

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