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    Why Data Backup Is Important

    Assets in cloud-based applications can get rewritten or erased. Asset loss can also happen via malicious third party software or due to account cancellation.

    As a result, backing assets up is important. This is where our backup and recovery solution for Marketo assets comes in.

    Meet H-Hive

    Meet M-Hive

    When it comes to backing up and restoring Marketo assets or templates from a cloud repository, M-Hive will be your best ally.

    It immediately starts backup, so that you have constant access to assets, even if your Marketo account is unreachable or your subscription has expired.

    What M-Hive Does For You

    Never Lose Marketo Assets

    Never Lose Marketo Assets

    Periodically restore Marketo assets or templates as required in a cloud respiratory.

    Incrementally Backup Assets

    Incrementally Backup Assets

    Backup newly created or changed files to the backup database.

    Track Changes to Assets

    Track Changes to Assets

    Review and examine changes made to earlier versions of each asset.

    Streamline Asset Review

    Streamline Asset Review

    Accelerate content review by using bulk asset previews and PDF generation.

    Secure Marketo Assets With M-Hive

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    List All Marketo Assets

    Get a comprehensive overview of all assets.

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    Schedule Automatic Backup

    Set the time and schedule automatic backup.

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    Restore Backed Up Assets

    Bring assets back to their initial state.

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    Key Features of M-Hive


    Easy Configuration

    Quickly configure Marketo asset backup with simple GUI.

    Backup Assets

    Back up Marketo assets, including emails, landing pages, and their templates.

    Asset Database

    Get a centralized database for a comprehensive overview of assets.

    Scheduled Backup

    Create a backup of Marketo data and set it up for daily, weekly, or on-demand scheduling when required.

    Simple Restoration

    Get a complete overview of backed up data and restore edited assets.

    Real-Time Backup Status

    Preview when an asset was last backed up on a dashboard.

    Secure Assets

    Protect Marketo assets with the email.

    Multiple Previews of Assets

    Use Code View for a quick look at HTML.

    Instantly Backup & Restore Marketo Assets

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