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    A Best-of-Breed Solution to Sync Articles from Zendesk to Salesforce Knowledge

    Key Features

    Automated Articles Syncing

    Scheduled Syncing of Data

    Real-Time Data Syncing

    Pre-Defined Data Structure Mapping

    No Breakage of Data While Syncing

    Data Management

    Use Cases of the Connector

    Sync Zendesk KB Articles to Salesforce

    Different data structures usually obstruct the smooth syncing of data from Zendesk knowledge-base to Salesforce Knowledge. The connector overpowers that and enables free syncing of data.

    Auto-Syncing of Articles (Weekly/Monthly)

    To avoid the manual effort of syncing data from Zendesk KB to Salesforce Knowledge, schedule auto-syncing of data on a weekly or monthly basis.

    Store Zendesk Articles in Knowledge Records in Salesforce

    The connector not only enables syncing of articles from Zendesk to Salesforce but also stores articles in Salesforce Knowledge’s records.

    Map Zendesk Category of Articles to Salesforce Category

    One of the key challenges to enable data syncing is mapping categories and sub-categories of Zendesk KB with Salesforce. The connector counters that and allows easy mapping of article categories from Zendesk KB to Salesforce.

    Store Attachments

    The connector enables storing of attachments in Salesforce synced from Zendesk KB to Salesforce Knowledge.

    Store URLs of Zendesk Articles in Salesforce

    To avoid broken links, the links of the Zendesk articles are converted into Salesforce-compliant ones and also stored in Salesforce Knowledge, thus, not breaking the URLs.

    Oust Manual Effort and Automate Data Syncing from Zendesk KB
    to Salesforce Knowledge

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