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    Ideaspro is now available on salesforce-appexchange

    Because the Default Ideas Management in Your Salesforce Community is not Scalable

    Some Appealing Facets of IdeasPro

    Lightning Ready as Idea Is
    Not Yet Lightning-Compliant

    Powered With 20+
    Out-Of-The-Box Functionalities

    Greater Gamification

    Highly Customizable for

    No User-Defined

    Top-Notch Customer

    The 5 Pillars of Strategic Innovation Management

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    Make Use of the Most Robust and Comprehensive Ideation Solution to Fuel Growth and Drive Business Value

    IdeasPro Empowers Users With


    Idea Account Mapping

    Whenever community users create/like an idea or comment on an idea, their accounts are mapped with the idea

    Profanity Prevention

    Define words that are bad/abusive so that these words can be blocked and prevent posting of ideas/comments including those words

    Idea Merge Scheduler

    An out-of-the-box functionality to allow the merging of duplicate/similar ideas under a parent idea


    This functionality auto-converts incoming emails (on ideas email) into ideas and logs these ideas into the Salesforce instance

    Idea Deflection

    If a community user tries to post an idea that already exists in the system, the user will be shown the existing idea and articles (if enabled) as a suggestion so that users don’t create similar ideas

    Idea Category Subscription

    This feature allows users to subscribe to an idea category so that whenever an idea gets created/updated in the subscribed category, the user will be notified

    Multiple Attachments on Ideas

    Standard Salesforce functionality lets users add only one attachment on an idea and that too of max 25 MB. IdeasPro lets users add multiple attachments to an idea and with an extended size limit

    Votes Threshold

    This feature allows users to dynamically update status based on Vote/Comment count

    Status Color Mapping

    This feature allows assigning colors to various statuses to better highlight those to the users in Ideas LEX as well as community pages

    Zone Wise Admin Settings

    The admin panel of IdeasPro can be configured on the basis of idea zones in Salesforce

    Pin Idea Owner Comment

    Show the latest comments posted by idea owners on top of the comments section

    Set Account-Level Voting

    Ensure equal representation by limiting voting for multiple contacts by an account

    Disable Idea Voting

    Disable voting when an idea reaches a particular status

    Archive Ideas

    Archive ideas by disabling display for those with a particular status (completed/implemented)

    Gamification for Ideas

    With this feature, you can reward community users with badges and points when they create, comment, or vote on an idea.

    Take a Superior Route to Ideas Management in Salesforce

    Idea pro

    Exclusive Webinar

    Managing Ideas on Salesforce Experience Cloud



    Improved brand transparency and loyalty


    Drive customer-centric innovation and rapid ideation


    Greater adoption of user ideas for better growth


    Gain a sustainable competitive advantage

    Frequently Asked Questions

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