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      Managing Ideas in Multiple Salesforce-Powered Communities With IdeasPro

      Nov 29, 2022

      3 minute read

      Generating powerful ideas is one of the key benefits of any branded online community. However, there is no one-size-fits-all. There can be multiple communities based on the kind of audience a business wants to engage and inspire them to post ideas.

      For instance, a product community. As online communities are a hub of idea generation, there can be a lot that they can give back to a business as people exchange ideas, share their opinions about a product, and the new features that they expect in the product.

      However, managing the product ideation process is a challenge. Product management teams get a horde of ideas from the community members about new requirements, suggestions for improvements, and general product feedback.

      So, how can community managers overcome these challenges? The simple answer is by implementing an idea management solution.

      But what if a brand has multiple online communities hosted on the Salesforce Experience Cloud? Managing ideas in multiple communities becomes more challenging as you have communities with different themes and different audiences.

      In this blog post, we will discuss how we helped a customer manage ideas in multiple Salesforce-powered communities over a single, unified idea management platform. Let’s begin.

      Ideas Management – A Synopsis

      Idea management in communities is the process of gathering and cultivating fresh ideas in order to solve existing problems and identify new opportunities. You can manage ideas in a single as well as multiple communities.

      The goal of idea management is to develop new ideas that have a big impact on the organization’s current products, services, and business models.

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      Managing Ideas With an Idea Management Solution

      Businesses often face challenges when it comes to managing ideas and notifications in communities hosted on Salesforce Experience Cloud. Tracking every step of the idea creation and management process is a bit of a hassle.

      So, how to overcome these challenges?

      Enter – IdeasPro.

      IdeasPro is a Salesforce-native, Lightning-ready solution that enables community managers to effectively manage ideas on Salesforce Experience Cloud. It has over 20 out-of-the-box features that help businesses control idea submission, auto-convert emails to ideas, and build scalability with ideas management. Here are a few more ways it helps businesses manage ideas efficiently:

      • Organizes ideas by storing them in a centralized database.
      • Increases community participation by gamifying idea submission.
      • Prevents profane comments in the community from members.
      • Provides secure access to both Salesforce Lightning and Classic Versions.
      • Improves customer engagement by encouraging users to participate and share ideas.

      Let’s take a look at how IdeasPro helped a leading supply chain solutions provider manage ideas in multiple communities.

      How It Began

      The customer was having trouble managing ideas and notifications across multiple communities. One of the most difficult challenges for them was keeping track of every step of the idea creation and management process.

      So, they were looking for an efficient way to manage the standard idea features on Salesforce Experience Cloud from a single location and access the ideas component in both Classic and Lightning Experience.

      How We Helped the Customer

      After the customer came to know about the features and capabilities of IdeasPro, they decided to get it implemented for managing ideas in multiple communities.
      Therefore, we helped them to deploy IdeasPro on each of their Salesforce-powered communities, which helped them to:

      • Develop the ideas section for each community.
      • Create a user interface in Lightning Experience.
      • Prioritize revenue-related idea development by assigning it to product managers.
      • Create new filters for status and category management.
      • Configure individual notification options in each community.

      IdeasPro helped them manage ideas from a single location, link ideas to opportunities, and accounts, and manage them all in the Lightning Experience. Besides, it also helped the customer to configure individual notifications for each community.

      Online communities are a goldmine of ideas. However, making them work to your advantage requires efficient idea management. For a detailed look into the solutions that we provided to the customer and its outcome, check out this case study.

      Want an Idea Management Solution on Salesforce Experience Cloud? Talk to Us!

      To know how our Idea Management Solution ‘IdeasPro’ can help you manage ideas in multiple communities, just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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